Bhikkhu Pallaththara Sumanajothi

# Date* Title Duration* (hh:mm:ss)
12019/06/12අපවත් වූ පූජ්‍ය පල්ලත්තර සුමනජෝති නාහිමියන්ගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්නවය | Ru News00:01:58
22019/06/10 Ven Pallaththara Sumanajothi Thero - ධර්ම දේශනා බණ 1 - Dhamma sermon Bana 100:53:24
32017/06/26යහපාලනයට රෝහණ පාර්ශවයේ මහා සංඝරත්නයෙන් අනතුරු ඇඟවීමක් !00:11:42
42017/03/30Pallattara Padattaraya Sumanajothi00:01:21
52014/01/03234. Most Ven Pallaththara Sumanajothi Thero - 05a Nov1300:53:23
62014/01/0293. Ven Pallaththara Sumanajothi Thero - Dhamma Padaya - Athma Vaggaya 1 - 16p May1300:44:56

* The shown dates are the YouTube publish dates of the videos and are in UTC time. The shown durations of sermons may change by about a second from the actual durations.

** This list including the association of list item numbers with the currently shown items is subject to change when the page is updated.