Bhikkhu Pathegama Gnanissara

# Date* Title Duration* (hh:mm:ss)
12018/12/05Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - Pansil Maluwa 2018-12-0201:33:22
22018/11/03Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - තිරොකුඩ්ඩ සූත්‍රය00:48:23
32018/08/18Meth Tv | Dharma Yamaya | Pathegama Gnanissara Thero EP 03 (2018.03.25)00:54:21
42018/08/18Meth Tv | Dharma Yamaya | Pathegama Gnanissara Thero EP 02 (2018.03.18)00:51:50
52018/08/18Meth Tv | Dharma Yamaya | Pathegama Gnanissara Thero EP 01 (2018.03.11)00:58:33
62018/08/01Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - යමෙකුගේ මරණින් මතු පැවැත්ම ( තිරෝකුඩ්ඩ සූත්‍රය )00:48:23
72018/05/09Dharma Yamaya with Pathegama Gnanissara Thero EP 01 (2018.03.11)00:58:33
82018/05/09Dharma Yamaya with Pathegama Gnanissara Thero EP 02 (2018.03.18)00:51:49
92018/05/09Dharma Yamaya with Pathegama Gnanissara Thero EP 03 (2018.03.25)00:54:21
102018/05/02Mathaka Pada Gemunu Wanninayaka with Pathegama Gnanissara Thero01:22:04
112018/03/16Talking Book Ep 711 Pathegama Gnanissara Himi00:17:31
122018/03/14Talking Book Ep 704 Pathegama Gnanissara Himi00:18:33
132018/01/24Nopenena Lokaya 2013 09 19 Low01:43:58
142018/01/24Hiru TV Hiru Abhiwandana 2012 12 27 Episode 2 Low, 360p01:39:52
152018/01/24Nopenena Lokaya 2013 10 18 Low01:40:57
162018/01/24Hiru TV Hiru Abhiwandana 2014 11 06 Episode 20 Low, 360p01:01:08
172018/01/24Nopenena Lokaya 19 08 2013 2 Low00:15:09
182018/01/24Nopenena Lokaya 19 08 2013 1 Low00:26:58
192018/01/24Nopenena Lokaya 19 08 2013 4 Low00:25:38
202018/01/24Nopenena Lokaya 19 08 2013 3 Low00:36:25
212018/01/24Hiru TV Hiru Abhiwandana 2013 05 24 Low, 360p01:38:10
222018/01/24Hiru TV Hiru Abhiwandana 2012 09 29 Episode 1 Low, 360p01:45:04
232018/01/0319. Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - 2am03 May201700:46:09
242018/01/0316. Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - Relations - 6.30pm15 Mar201700:47:03
252017/01/27The Buddhist TV - News on 27 January 201700:02:17
262017/01/146.1 Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - Bhoothabhanee Sutta AN - 21a Apr2016 FM00:46:56
272016/09/17Sahitha Sesatha 100:25:11
282016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero nn1 nn300:13:59
292016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero nn1 nn200:22:46
302016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero nn100:22:47
312016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero mm`100:33:34
322016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero mm200:24:50
332016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ll200:23:21
342016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ll100:33:34
352016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero kk300:06:33
362016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero kk200:22:47
372016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero kk100:22:47
382016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero jj300:14:05
392016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero jj200:22:47
402016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero jj100:22:47
412016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ii300:04:59
422016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ii200:22:47
432016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ii100:22:47
442016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ff100:33:34
452016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ff200:23:06
462016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ee300:11:15
472016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ee200:22:47
482016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero ee100:22:47
492016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero dd300:13:59
502016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero dd200:22:46
512016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero dd100:22:47
522016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero bb200:23:21
532016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero bb100:33:34
542016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero z200:22:47
552016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero z100:22:47
562016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero x300:14:05
572016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero aa200:22:47
582016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero aa100:33:34
592016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero y200:22:47
602016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero y100:33:34
612016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero x100:33:34
622016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero w200:23:53
632016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero w100:26:16
642016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero v200:18:47
652016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero v100:33:34
662016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero u300:15:22
672016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero u200:22:46
682016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero u100:22:47
692016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero s100:33:34
702016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero s200:22:47
712016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero t200:12:38
722016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero t100:22:47
732016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero p400:29:10
742016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero p300:30:00
752016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero p200:31:01
762016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero q300:14:41
772016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero q200:30:37
782016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero q100:30:24
792016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero o300:14:11
802016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero o200:22:47
812016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero o100:22:47
822016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero n100:12:40
832016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero l100:22:47
842016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero l300:08:21
852016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero l200:22:46
862016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero m200:02:56
872016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero m100:30:39
882016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero k 100:51:10
892016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero j100:52:12
902016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero k 100:51:10
912016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero i200:11:58
922016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero i100:32:11
932016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero g200:26:30
942016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero g100:33:35
952016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero h200:20:29
962016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero h100:30:28
972016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero f300:12:43
982016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero f200:22:47
992016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero f100:22:47
1002016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero e300:08:20
1012016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero e200:22:47
1022016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero e100:22:47
1032016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero d400:09:30
1042016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero d300:22:47
1052016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero d200:22:47
1062016/08/092pathegama gnanissara thero d100:22:47
1072016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero c300:14:07
1082016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero c300:14:07
1092016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero c200:22:47
1102016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero c200:22:47
1112016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero c100:22:47
1122016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero c100:22:47
1132016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero b200:28:54
1142016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero b100:30:40
1152016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero a300:12:54
1162016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero a200:22:47
1172016/08/09pathegama gnanissara thero a100:22:47
1182016/05/19Speech made by Ven. Prof. Dr. Pathegama Gnanissara Thero about Wise International School00:04:19
1192016/01/013. Kindittika Sutta AN - Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - 09 May201500:52:29
1202016/01/0132. Prof Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - Kuhaka Sutta AN - 8am28 Mar201500:53:29
1212016/01/0114. Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - 6.30am04 Feb201500:47:34
1222015/06/20SLBC Latha Madulla (ලතා මඩුල්ල) 19 JUN 201500:19:05
1232015/06/13SLBC Latha Madulla (ලතා මඩුල්ල) 12 JUN 2015 : 75th Programme00:19:52
1242015/01/0387. Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - 2am22 May201400:47:10
1252014/12/27Ven Prof Pathegama Gnanissara Thero By Asitha Koggala01:16:44
1262014/07/132013 02 12 Ven Pathegama Gnanissara Thero00:56:08
1272014/03/25146. Ven Prof Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - 26 Nov13 - Dhammika Sutta (Sutta Nipathaya)00:49:34
1282014/01/22147. Ven Prof Pathegama Gnanissara Thero - 6.30am11 Jun13 - Musavadaya00:51:32
1292013/10/06Hiru Sadaham Ras - 2013-10-06 (හිරු සදහම් රැස්) - හිරු සදහම් රැස් - Buddhist Sermon00:26:59
1302013/03/26118. Ven Prof. Pathegama Gnanissara Thero 4am06 Oct1200:52:48

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** This list including the association of list item numbers with the currently shown items is subject to change when the page is updated.