Bhikkhu Iddamalgoda Gunalankara

# Date* Title Duration* (hh:mm:ss)
12018/11/25Ven.Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Thero - 2018.11.25 - 08.07 ඉද්දමල්ගොඩ ගුණාලංකාර ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේ00:51:20
22018/06/24Ven Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Thero - අන්තෝ ජටා බහි ජටා ජටාය ජටිතා පජා(ඇතුලත අවුල්‍ ය​, පිටත අවුල් ය ක00:51:00
32018/03/22Ven Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Thero - සත්වයා අව්ලෙන් අව්ලට පත්කරන රගය, ද්ව්ශය, අවිද්‍යාව සහ නාමරූප00:56:15
42017/10/31Ven.Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Thero-2017.10.31-20.00 Guwanviduli Dharmadeshanawa00:46:25
52016/01/06Ven Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Thero | 2015-09-25 - Nibbedika Sutta, Anguththara Nikaya00:48:56
62015/07/08Sadaham sawana- මච්චය සූත්‍රය - Ven. Iddamalgoda Gunalankara swameen wahanse00:56:05
72015/01/02105. Mahali Sutta (Sanyuththa Nikaya) - Ven Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Thero - 24p Dec201400:45:49
82014/12/27Sadaham Sawana _Most Ven. Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Hamuduruwo00:55:34
92014/01/0291. Ven Iddamalgoda Gunalankara Thero - Achchariya Sutta / Anguththara Nikaya - 15a May1300:56:42

* The shown dates are the YouTube publish dates of the videos and are in UTC time. The shown durations of sermons may change by about a second from the actual durations.

** This list including the association of list item numbers with the currently shown items is subject to change when the page is updated.