Bhikkhu Gangodawila Chandima

# Date* Title Duration* (hh:mm:ss)
12019/09/16Mini-Retreat for Children in New York City, USA01:53:11
22019/09/15Mindful Eating (සතිමත්ව ආහාර ගැනීම) @New York Buddhist Vihara, USA01:04:16
32019/09/15Q&A Session@ Boston Buddhist Vihara, USA01:29:31
42019/09/15Four Aspects of Buddhist Mindfulness @ Boston Buddhist Vihara, USA02:04:53
52019/09/10Want to live a calmer life? Let the Buddha’s Mindfulness Meditation lead you there!02:32:44
62019/09/10සමබර ජීවිතයක් ගත කිරීම01:12:23
72019/09/03Purification in Action, Virtue, and Righteousness, according to the Jetavana Sutta (SN 1.48)00:24:20
82019/08/27Merits build the Bridge towards Heaven, according to the Vanaropa Sutta (SN 1.47)00:23:00
92019/08/20Analogy between the Dhamma and a Chariot that leads to Nibbāna00:23:58
102019/08/13The Concept of Food in the Buddhist Teachings, according to the Anna Sutta (SN 1.43)00:23:30
112019/08/12Gangodawila Chandima Thero - Sanaramara Sewana 2019-06-2200:41:06
122019/08/10Your Questions Answered: The Five Aggregates, Noble Eightfold Path, Karma & Rebirth00:33:41
132019/08/06The Benefits of Different Kinds of Giving (Dāna) in this Modern Age00:23:15
142019/07/30Rescuing oneself from Eleven Types of Fires | Āditta Sutta (SN 1.41)00:27:23
152019/07/16Cheating, Faultfinding, and Forgiving, according to the Buddha in the Ujjhānasanni Sutta (SN 1.35)00:33:38
162019/07/09Are we attached to people or things, or are we attached to the concepts of people or things?00:36:03
172019/07/06Dhamma Discussion (Esala Full Moon Poya Day 2019) @Ottawa Theravada Buddhist Vihara01:55:32
182019/06/24සිරස සනරාමර සෙවණ (June 22, 2019) ආචාර්ය ගංගොඩවිල චන්දිම ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේගේ ගෞරවනීය වැඩමවීමෙන්01:59:46
192019/06/23How to handle a difficult emotion, according to the Buddha?00:13:22
202019/06/10Sirasa FM Sanaramara Sewana 2019-02-23 Gangodawila Chandima Thero01:11:06
212019/05/21Sources of Light, according to the Buddha in the Pajjota Sutta (SN 26)00:34:08
222019/05/19Dhamma Discussion (Vesak Full Moon Poya Day 2019) @Ottawa Theravada Buddhist Vihara01:53:15
232019/05/14Taking Good Care of your Mind, according to the Buddha in the Manonivārana Sutta (SN 24)00:45:33
242019/05/13Good and Bad Friends, according to the Buddha in the Sigalovada Sutta (DN 31)00:30:06
252019/05/07Disentangling the tangle (craving), according to the Buddha in the Jatā Sutta (SN 23)00:42:40
262019/04/30Maturity of Karma, according to the Buddha in the Phusati Sutta (SN 22)00:32:03
272019/04/23Sensual Lust vs Identity View , according to the Buddha in the Satti Sutta? (SN 21)00:37:11
282019/04/16Turning Spiritual Setbacks into Comebacks, according to the Buddha in the Niddātandi Sutta (SN 16)00:33:30
292019/04/09Fillial love versus self-love, according to the Buddha in the Nandatiputtasama Sutta (SN 13)00:30:21
302019/04/02What is True Delight (Nanda), according to the Buddha in the Nandati Sutta (SN 12) ?00:39:10
312019/03/26Making your Complexion so peaceful , as indicated by the Buddha in the Aranna Sutta (SN 10)00:31:22
322019/03/19Crossing the Four Floods (caturoragha), according to the Buddha in the Oghatarana Sutta (SN 01)00:29:12
332019/03/16Solutions and Relevance of the Tripitaka to the Modern World Issues00:10:51
342019/03/14Higher Ordination Ceremony (Upasampadā) of Ven. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (April 30, 2004)01:10:38
352019/03/14Welcome Ceremony for Newly Higher Ordained Ven. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (May 02, 2004)01:34:14
362019/02/27Meditation Questions – Ep. 1: Types of Meditation and Specifics of Mettā Meditation00:28:02
372019/02/27Find the real You Guided Breathing Meditation00:28:41
382019/02/26සිරස සනරාමර සෙවණ (February 23, 2019) ආචාර්ය ගංගොඩවිල චන්දිම ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේගේ ගෞරවනීය වැඩමවීමෙන්01:08:54
392019/01/26Interpreting the Buddhist Teachings for the West: Methodology @ IBC Thailand00:59:42
402019/01/04Why Kusala (Skilful Activities) and Skilful Habits go in tandem?01:30:56
412018/12/29How to be a Wise Person (Sappurisa/Pandita), according to the Buddha?01:10:51
422018/12/27Is Everything Karma?01:24:31
432018/12/27How to cultivate Pāramitās (perfections) in daily life?01:37:45
442018/12/15How to cultivate the magnificence of the Mind/Body potential?01:32:04
452018/10/17කුශලාභිවර්ධක පුරුදු දසකුසල්වලට කරන බලපෑම00:49:46
462018/10/14Why vigilance (appamāda) is so crucial for your all other virtues?00:17:49
472018/10/07How to work with measuring (māna)?00:26:05
482018/10/02Guided Meditation & Open Discussion @ Loyola University, Chicago01:00:42
492018/09/30How to work with impetuousness/vehemence (sārambha)?00:18:22
502018/09/23How to work with obstinacy/stubbornness (thambha)?00:18:59
512018/09/18An Ottawa Student's Full Interview with Ven. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima about Buddhist practice.00:47:33
522018/09/16How to work with fraud (sātheyya)?00:15:06
532018/09/09How to deal with deceit (māyā)?00:17:44
542018/09/02How to work with stinginess (machchariya)?00:13:50
552018/08/31How to work with jealousy? Ven Gangodawila Chandima00:21:11
562018/08/26How to work with jealousy (issā)?00:20:56
572018/08/19How to work with domineering (palāsa)?00:12:08
582018/08/12How to work with contempt (makkha)?00:10:56
592018/08/06Jayamaṅgala Gāthā Chanting (Pāli)00:04:15
602018/08/06Metta Sutta Chanting (Pāli)00:02:56
612018/08/06Ratana Sutta Chanting (Pāli)00:07:13
622018/08/06Maṅgala Sutta Chanting (Pāli)00:04:01
632018/08/06Homage, Tisaraṇa, Pañcasīla (Pāli)00:02:32
642018/08/05How to work with resentment (upanāha)?00:14:34
652018/07/29How to work with anger (kodha)?00:12:28
662018/07/22How to deal with Ill will (vyāpāda; also spelled byāpāda) ?00:08:39
672018/07/15How to deal with envy (abhijjhā)?00:07:55
682018/06/1814 kinds of personal offerings and 7 kinds of offerings made to the Saṅgha01:05:13
692018/06/11Learn to analyze (vibhaṅga) the Four Noble Truths (Sacca)00:47:40
702018/06/04Why do Arahants turn away from Elements (dhātu), and why don’t we?00:51:45
712018/06/01කර්ම විපාක හඳුනා ගත යුත්තේ ඒකංසික ව ද? විභජ්ජ ව ද?00:18:10
722018/05/28Karma is not linear, according to the Buddha in the Mahākammavibhanga Sutta (MN 136)00:46:26
732018/05/27What lessons can you learn from the life of the Śākymuni Buddha?00:55:08
742018/05/22ප්‍රසන්න ජීවිතයක් සඳහා කර්මය වෙනස් කරගත හැකි ක්‍රම 7 ක්00:33:10
752018/05/217 Simple Buddhist Practices To Change Your Karma And Live A Better Life00:36:38
762018/05/14Wise People and Fools, according to the Buddha in the Bālapaṇḍita Sutta (MN 129)01:01:55
772018/05/09සිද්ධාර්ථ බෝධිසත්ව උපතේ දී සිදු වූ විශ්මිත වූ ත් අසිරිමත් වූ ත් සිදුවීම්00:28:26
782018/05/07Wonderful and Marvelous events that occurred during and after the time of the Buddha's birth00:44:33
792018/05/03ආනාපානසති භාවනාව මැනවින් හඳුනා ගනිමු.00:22:45
802018/04/3016 steps of Breathing Meditation and how it leads to Liberation (Nibbāna)00:55:57
812018/04/23ආර්ය අෂ්ඨාංගික මාර්ගය (මහාචත්තාරීසක සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින්)00:41:08
822018/04/23The meaning of the Noble Eightfold Path as given by the Buddha in the Mahācattārīsaka Sutta, MN 11700:52:13
832018/04/17එදිනෙදා ජිවිතයේ දී කුසලය සහ අකුසලය තීරණය කර ගන්නේ කෙසේද? (සේවිතබ්බාසේවිතබ්බ සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින්)00:22:05
842018/04/15How to separate kusala (skillful) and akusala (unskillful) in everyday life?00:32:33
852018/04/11මානසික දුෂණය (ප්‍රපංචකරණය) සිදුවන්නේ කෙසේද? එයින් වැළකීම ප්‍රායෝගික ද?00:13:25
862018/04/09Mental Proliferation (papañca) and how to cope, according to the Buddha00:34:03
872018/04/07සක්කාය දිට්ඨිය යනු කුමක්ද? එය නැති කර ගන්නේ කෙසේද? (චූල වේදල්ල සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින්)00:17:23
882018/04/01Seven practices you can follow when choosing a spiritual teacher00:43:30
892018/03/30Blessings, and how to manifest them in your daily life?00:40:05
902018/03/26ආශීර්වාද සහිත ජීවිතයක් නිර්මාණය කර ගන්නේ කෙසේද? (මහාමංගල සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින්)00:43:11
912018/03/26The middle way vs the path of Identity (Ego)- What are you into?00:38:07
922018/03/19Noble vs Ignoble. What are you searching for?00:41:24
932018/03/11Why we should unlearn the learned dharma?00:34:36
942018/03/05What the Buddha has to say about the removal of distracting thoughts?00:35:56
952018/02/26A Step-by-Step guide to starting the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhānas)00:52:55
962018/02/19ප්‍රායෝගික ජීවිතයේදී සම්මා දිට්ඨිය පහසුවෙන් ඇති කර ගත හැකි ක්‍රම00:55:46
972018/02/12How to Remove Mental Impurity: 5 Simple Steps, according to the Buddha.00:36:26
982018/02/05කෙලෙස් අඩුකර ගැනීම ප්‍රායෝගික ද?00:35:42
992018/02/05Top 7 Approaches to remove defilements, according to the Buddha in the Sabbāsava Sutta (MN 2)00:17:42
1002017/07/01In discussion with young adults: karma and rebirth01:20:07
1012017/06/05Life Lessons: Learned from reading Śākyamuni Buddha01:08:37
1022016/09/23Can bad karma be neutralized in Buddhism?01:01:25
1032015/06/13Ven. Gangodawila Chandima Thero at Ehipassiko Buddhist Centre01:03:01

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