Bhikkhu Gangodawila Chandima

# Date* Title Duration (hh:mm:ss)
12024/04/20Day 29|Online Pali Reading Class (Nidhikaṇḍa Sutta (the Reserve Fund) 11-12 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:36:41
22024/04/10How To Stop Being Hard On Dhamma Journey | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima @BMSM HQ (January 2, 2024)01:50:20
32024/04/09Asakusa Rickshaw Tour (Part 2) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (February 22, 2024)00:03:24
42024/04/09Asakusa Rickshaw Tour (Part 1) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (February 22, 2024)00:10:10
52024/04/06Day 28 |Online Pali Reading Class (Nidhikaṇḍa Sutta (the Reserve Fund) 9-10 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:33:00
62024/04/04"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 8" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 29th Sutta Class01:20:36
72024/04/03Bhante Dr. G. Chandima's Message on Qingming Jie (清明节) 202400:09:51
82024/04/03"SABBASAVA Sutta – FINAL REVIEW" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 31th Sutta Class01:21:05
92024/04/03"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 9" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 30th Sutta Class01:27:18
102024/04/02Day 27 | Online Pali Reading Class (Nidhikaṇḍa Sutta (the Reserve Fund) 7-8 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:37:48
112024/03/26Day 26 | Online Pali Reading Class (Nidhikaṇḍa Sutta (the Reserve Fund) 5-6 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:38:43
122024/03/20"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 7" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 28th Sutta Class01:32:44
132024/03/20"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 6" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 27th Sutta Class01:29:58
142024/03/20"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 5" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 26th Sutta Class01:20:27
152024/03/20"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 4" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 25th Sutta Class01:31:18
162024/03/19Retreat Experiences : Two-Day Meditation Retreat by Bhante Dr. Chandima Seck Kia Eenh (01/22/2024)00:44:00
172024/03/19Q&A: Right Mindfulness (Seck Kia Eenh 釋迦院) | by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (01/21/2024)01:09:07
182024/03/1810 Meritorious Deeds by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima UMT - Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (12/15/2023)01:28:34
192024/03/16Journey of Buddhism | Early Buddhism to Modern Buddhism by Bhante Dr. G.Chandima (Terengganu)01:08:55
202024/03/126 Qualities of the Dhamma | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (Novitiate Program 2023@Buddhist Maha Vihara)02:10:10
212024/03/12Day 25 | Online Pali Reading Class (Nidhikaṇḍa Sutta (the Reserve Fund) 3-4 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:37:47
222024/03/08Day 24 | Online Pali Reading Class (Nidhikaṇḍa Sutta (the Reserve Fund) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:35:41
232024/02/19Day 23 | Online Pali Reading Class (Tirokuḍḍa Sutta 12-13 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:43:23
242024/02/162024 人日 Chinese New year (初七-人日) Celebration with Lemon Chew 赵卿宁00:12:22
252024/02/12Day 22 | Online Pali Reading Class (Tirokuḍḍa Sutta 10-11 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:40:02
262024/02/10Day 21 | Online Pali Reading Class (Tirokuḍḍa Sutta 8-9 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima 2024-02-10 16:4301:35:19
272024/02/08Happy Dragon Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai 2024) with Shu Ta Naa00:04:34
282024/02/05Novitiate Program - "Six Virtues Of The Dhamma” by Bhante Dr G Chandima01:58:29
292024/02/05Giving Precepts and Vandana | BMV Meditation Retreat by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (2024-1-27)00:29:54
302024/02/04Q&A 16 Mental Impurities (upakkilesas)| BMV Meditation Retreat by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (2024-1-27)00:53:12
312024/02/03Novitiate Program - "The Buddha As a Therapist " by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera02:01:47
322024/02/0316 Mental Impurities (upakkilesa) | BMV Meditation Retreat by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (2024-1-27)00:52:52
332024/02/02The Future of Young Buddhist Monks | Bhante Dr. G Chandima and Most Ven. B. Sri Saranankara00:49:54
342024/02/02Breath Meditation | 2 Day BMV Meditation Retreat by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (January 27, 2024)00:18:38
352024/01/31"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 2" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 23rd Sutta Class01:20:09
362024/01/31"SABBASAVA Sutta - Part 1" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera - 22nd Sutta Class01:19:59
372024/01/31"Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta - Part 21" by Bhante Dr G Chandima - 21st Class01:18:17
382024/01/31"SABBASAVA Sutta – Part 3" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera – 24th Sutta Class01:30:37
392024/01/30Q&A & Retreat Comments by the Participants | 2 Day BMV Meditation Retreat by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima02:07:44
402024/01/30Can I attain nibbana only through Mettā (unlimited friendliness)?02:30:12
412024/01/24笑看娑婆 The Bliss of Awakening | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Ita Thum01:12:32
422024/01/24SD 26@BMV | Āsavas to be Abandoned by Wise Use of Needs (Sabbāsava Sutta) | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2024-01-29 05:4301:33:36
432024/01/24SD 25@BMV | Āsavas to be Abandoned by Sensory Restraint (Sabbāsava Sutta) | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2024-01-26 05:4201:44:25
442024/01/24Day 20 | Online Pali Reading Class (Tirokuḍḍa Sutta 6-7 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:50:03
452024/01/11How to Handle Angry Thoughts & Feelings | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima and Bhante Dr. S. Pemarathana01:19:44
462024/01/03"Dhammacakkapavatthana Sutta Part 20" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera01:13:07
472024/01/02"Dhammacakkapavatthana Sutta Part 19" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:27:11
482024/01/02"Dhammacakkapavatthana Sutta Part 18" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:17:39
492024/01/01"Dhammacakkapavatthana Sutta Part 17" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:22:27
502024/01/01Finding & Practicing Gratitude in the New Year | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima SESBA Selangor (Jan 1, 2024)01:14:19
512024/01/01Buddha Vandanā and Blessings (Chanting) by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (January 01, 2024) SESBA Selangor00:27:13
522023/12/31"Dhammacakkapavatthana Sutta Part 16" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:21:06
532023/12/312023 Daily Chanting (Last Day of the Year) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:47:09
542023/12/31"English Buddhism: Translations That Misinterpret Pali Words" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera01:07:43
552023/12/30"Dhammacakkapavatthana Sutta Part 15" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:19:54
562023/12/29"Dhammacakkapavatthana Sutta Part 14" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera01:06:57
572023/12/29SD 22@BMV | Introduction to the Sabbāsava Sutta| Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2024-01-06 05:4001:30:13
582023/12/29Day 19| Online Pali Reading Class (Tirokuḍḍa Sutta 3-5) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:37:15
592023/12/26Which is better for lay people to practice? | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima and Bhante H. Kondanna01:48:26
602023/12/25Learning isn’t enough: We also need to give back| Bhante Dr. G. Chandima and Mallika Siew Peng Chua00:58:23
612023/12/24Six Buddhist Penetrations: Nibbedhika Sutta, AN (6.63)| by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:22:47
622023/12/24How to Practise Dhamma in Daily Life? | A Dhamma Talk for Nalanda, SP by Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:30:41
632023/12/23Sutta Discussion Day 81 | Sabbāsava Sutta , Final Review, By: Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:38:25
642023/12/22Unshaken - Lokavipatti Sutta AN8.6 by Bhante Dr G Chandima 2023121701:56:36
652023/12/21The Future of Theravada Buddhism in Malaysia: | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Bro.Leonard Luar01:12:38
662023/12/17Day 18 | Online Pali Reading Class (Tirokuḍḍa Sutta 1-2) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:40:31
672023/12/04Day 17 | Online Pali Reading Class (Ratana Sutta Sections 13-17) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:48:47
682023/12/02SD 21@BMV | Final Review | Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta| Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2024-01-05 05:3901:31:36
692023/12/02SD 20@BMV | Cry (16 Brahma Realms) and Monk Koṇḍañña: 168–182 Sections | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2024-01-01 05:3901:28:42
702023/11/24Day 16 | Online Pali Reading Class (Ratana Sutta Sections 11-12) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:36:49
712023/11/19Day 15 | Online Pali Reading Class (Ratana Sutta Sections 9-10) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:51:24
722023/11/16Day 14 | Online Pali Reading Class (Ratana Sutta Sections 7-8) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:35:44
732023/11/12Saṅghika Dāna at Bhante Dr. G. Chandima's House | Mirihana, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka00:02:03
742023/11/12Saṅghika Dāna at Bhante Dr. G. Chandima's House | Mirihana, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka00:01:44
752023/11/11Day 13 | Online Pali Reading Class (Ratana Sutta Sections 5-6) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima 2023-11-12 05:4401:37:39
762023/11/10House Blessings @ Sis. Kim and Bro Koh, Klang, Malaysia | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:42:31
772023/11/04Day 12 | Online Pali Reading Class (Ratana Sutta Sections 3-4) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima00:56:36
782023/11/04Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 13) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:32:07
792023/11/04Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 12) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:34:13
802023/11/04Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 11) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:30:06
812023/11/04Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 10) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:36:03
822023/11/03Day 11 | Online Pali Reading Class (Ratana Sutta Sections 1-2) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima 2023-11-03 18:2201:48:24
832023/10/31Day 10 | Online Pali Reading Class (Maṅgala Sutta Sections 12-14) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:55:53
842023/10/30Increasing Our Compassion Footprint: The Animals’ Manifesto | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima and Shannon Tan00:57:34
852023/10/28Day 9 | Online Pali Reading Class (Maṅgala Sutta Sections 10-11) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:51:07
862023/10/24New Trends & the Future of Dhamma Talk Cultures | Dr. G. Chandima, Prof. D. Mahinda & Upul Gamage01:23:37
872023/10/24SD11@BMV | Right Mindfulness (Sammā Sati) | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima01:35:40
882023/10/21Bhante Dr. G. Chandima's 2023 Vassa in Malaysia Slideshow| Sis. Mallika Siew Peng Chua00:25:43
892023/10/21Day 7 | Online Pali Reading Class (Maṅgala Sutta Sections 8-9) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:49:53
902023/10/18Day 6 | Online Pali Reading Class (Maṅgala Sutta Sections 6-7) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:49:11
912023/10/17Day 5 | Online Pali Reading Class (Maṅgala Sutta Sections 1-5) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:31:22
922023/10/10Day 4 | Online Pali Reading Class (Kumārapañhā) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:49:27
932023/10/09Day 3 | Online Pali Reading Class (Dvattiṁsākāra) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:37:15
942023/10/07Day 2 | Online Pali Reading Class (Dasasikkhāpada) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:48:48
952023/10/06Day 1 | Online Pali Reading Class (Introduction, Homage and Tisarana) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:46:24
962023/09/28MeritGram: How does it work to send good karma to the dead & living beings? | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:31:01
972023/09/23A Discussion about "Dead Beings, Living Beings, and Between | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Sis. May Lye00:34:15
982023/09/22Sis. May Lye’s Thoughts about Bhante Dr. Chandima’s Talk on “the Departed, Living and Gandhabbas”00:03:50
992023/09/17Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 9) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:23:46
1002023/09/17Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 8) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:35:37
1012023/09/13SD10@BMV | Right Effort (Sammā Vāyāma) | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima01:41:27
1022023/09/11"Abstaining from False Speech (Musavada Veramani)" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:08:59
1032023/09/11"Abstaining from Intoxicants (Surameraya Pamadatthana Veramani) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera01:11:36
1042023/09/11"Abstaining from Sensuous Misconduct (Kamesu Miccha Cara Veramani) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera01:06:00
1052023/09/11"Abstaining from What is Not Given (Adinnadana Veramani) by Bhante Dr G Chandima00:47:13
1062023/09/11"Abstaining from Taking Life (Panatipata Veramani)" by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera01:05:26
1072023/09/11Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 8) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera.01:35:37
1082023/09/11Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Part 7) by Bhante Dr G Chandima01:37:39
1092023/09/07Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 5) by Bhante Dr G Chandima.01:30:15
1102023/09/07Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta (Part 6) by Bhante Dr G Chandima.01:25:41
1112023/09/06Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Part 4) by Bhante Dr G Chandima01:30:20
1122023/09/06Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Part 3) by Bhante Dr G Chandima01:33:26
1132023/09/06Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Part 2) by Bhante Dr G Chandima01:31:11
1142023/09/06Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Part 1) by Bhante Dr G Chandima Thera01:24:01
1152023/09/06The Significance of Esala Full Moon Day by Bhante Dr G Chandima00:57:22
1162023/09/04Q&A: Sabbāsava Sutta (MN 2) | Mindfulness Retreat @BMV | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:41:06
1172023/09/04Q&A: Miss Gwen Chin | Mindfulness Retreat @BMV | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:09:03
1182023/09/04Q&A: Miss Yeoh Lee Quan | Mindfulness Retreat @BMV | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:02:15
1192023/09/04Q&A: Bro Francis Yip Hon | Mindfulness Retreat @BMV | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:08:22
1202023/09/04Q&A: Miss Yannawathi Perera | Mindfulness Retreat @BMV | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:02:02
1212023/09/04Q&A: Bro Kim Eng | Mindfulness Retreat @BMV | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:01:28
1222023/09/04Q&A: Miss May Lim | Mindfulness Retreat @BMV | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:07:47
1232023/08/28Dead Beings , Living Beings and Between | A Buddhist Perspective (Bhante Chandima) (August 16, 2023)01:10:26
1242023/08/28Mini Retreat - Guided Metta Meditation by Bhante Dr, G. Chandima (August 25, 2023) @PBA Kuantan 2023-08-29 05:3702:26:17
1252023/08/28How Do You Respond To Mara's 10 Armies? | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 24, 2023) @PBA Kuantan01:30:52
1262023/08/22BMV Mindfulness Retreat| Morning Session | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 13, 2023)00:19:08
1272023/08/15SD7@BMV | Right Speech (Sammā Vācā) | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2023-08-19 05:4001:43:19
1282023/08/14Does Mindfulness Make Me More Selfish ? Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima 23080601:28:40
1292023/08/14SD6@BMV | Right Intention (Sammā Saṅkappa) | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima01:37:19
1302023/08/08Abstain from Lying (Fourth Precept) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (August 6, 2023)01:17:52
1312023/08/05DEATH : A Buddhist Perspective - Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:07:34
1322023/08/02HOSPITALITY : A Buddhist Perspective - Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:07:06
1332023/08/01SD5@BMV | Right View (Sammā Diṭṭhi) | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2023-08-02 05:3601:33:40
1342023/07/31The Wonder of Being a Human | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima @Persatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak (July 27, 2023)01:29:33
1352023/07/29How Should Buddhists think through "Career Choices"? | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (XMUM July 29, 2023) 2023-07-30 05:3701:17:25
1362023/07/27SD4@BMV | Intro to the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta Bhante Dr. G.Chandima 2023-07-28 05:3701:40:35
1372023/07/25Abstain from Sexual Misconduct (Third Precept) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (July 23, 2023)01:12:25
1382023/07/24The Power of Noble Friendship and Generosity | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (July 22, 2023)01:15:43
1392023/07/19SD3@BMV | Attakilamathānuyoga (The Pursuit of Self-mortification) Bhante Dr. G.Chandima01:35:59
1402023/07/18Abstain from Taking What is not Given (Second Precept)| Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (July 16, 2023)00:51:41
1412023/07/17Why should we perform dana for our departed family members? | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima (July 15, 2023)01:08:11
1422023/07/12SD 2@BMV | Kāmasukhallikānuyoga (The Pursuit of Clinging to Sensual Pleasures) Bhante Dr. G.Chandima01:38:39
1432023/07/09Abstaining from Taking Life (First Precept)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima @buddhistmahavihara01:08:29
1442023/07/04SD 1@BMV | Intro of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Bhante Dr. G. Chandima) 2023-07-04 18:4001:29:03
1452023/07/03The Significance of Āsāḷha Pūjā & Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (SN 56.11) | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:09:23
1462023/06/25The Role of Sīla in Theravada Buddhist Ethics | Dr. Gangodawila Chandima & Professor P.D Premasiri01:33:42
1472023/06/18Narasīhagāthā | Father's Day 2023 with Vinumi Ayathna00:08:02
1482023/05/04Metta Meditation (Vesak Night)00:31:15
1492023/04/30Buddha Pūrnimā/Vesak 2023 with Jane Gan | May 03 @ 2.00 pm (KUL)00:00:00
1502023/04/25Some Thoughts for Vesak 202300:17:06
1512023/04/11SD 52 | Attakilamathānuyoga of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (Bhante Dr. G. Chandima)01:32:08
1522023/03/26World Buddhist Conference 2023 Presentation | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:34:46
1532023/03/14Sutta Discussion Day 49 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:34:26
1542023/03/09Does Good Karma Cancel Out Bad Karma in Buddhism?00:17:34
1552023/03/07Sutta Discussion Day 48 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:49:46
1562023/02/26Sutta Discussion Day 47 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:29:34
1572023/02/17Sutta Discussion Day 46 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:17:16
1582023/02/14Sutta Discussion Day 45 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:45:12
1592023/02/06Sutta Discussion Day 44 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:27:32
1602023/01/31Walking on Frozen Lake Louise, Calgary, Canada 🇨🇦 (November 05, 2019)00:00:39
1612023/01/27Sutta Discussion Day 43 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:18:46
1622023/01/27Sutta Discussion Day 42 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:28:20
1632023/01/12Sutta Discussion Day 41 | Sigālovāda Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:37:38
1642023/01/01Sutta Discussion Day 40 | Sigālovāda Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima) English Translation #2901:36:22
1652022/12/31A Special New Year's Chanting of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:47:02
1662022/12/26Why didn't Ravana appear in Sri Lanka's Pāli Chronicles? | Bhante Dr. Chandima & Dr. Justin W. Henry00:00:00
1672022/12/23Sutta Discussion Day 39 | Sigālovāda Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:28:14
1682022/12/18Sutta Discussion Day 38 | Sigālovāda Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:36:50
1692022/12/10Sutta Discussion Day 37 | Sigālovāda Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:24:44
1702022/12/06Sutta Discussion Day 36 | Sigālovāda Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:17:56
1712022/11/20Sutta Discussion Day 35 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:28:08
1722022/11/12Sutta Discussion Day 34 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:27:01
1732022/11/12Sutta Discussion Day 33 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:33:12
1742022/11/06Mind and Body | A Buddhist Perspective00:33:35
1752022/11/03Sutta Discussion Day 31 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:29:12
1762022/10/27Sutta Discussion Day 31 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:25:35
1772022/10/15Sutta Discussion Day 30 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:32:46
1782022/10/13Sutta Discussion Day 29 | Sigalovada Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:38:40
1792022/10/052022 Evening Daily Chanting | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima ☸00:30:48
1802022/10/01Sutta Discussion Day 28 | Sigālovāda Sutta Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima01:37:04
1812022/09/24Sutta Discussion Day 27 | Sigālovāda Sutta Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima01:32:44
1822022/09/17Sutta Discussion Day 26 | Sigālovāda Sutta Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima Sutta Discussion Day 2601:41:26
1832022/09/13Do not Give Up Prayer | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:04:15
1842022/09/10Sutta Discussion Day 25 | Metta Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)02:03:31
1852022/09/04Sutta Discussion Day 24 | Metta Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:27:53
1862022/08/31Globalizing Theravda Buddhist Cultures | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:11:07
1872022/08/28Sutta Discussion Day 23 | Metta Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:36:26
1882022/08/28Bhante Dr. Chandima's Keynote Address (INCBC)00:30:06
1892022/08/20Sutta Discussion Day 22 | Metta Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)02:00:34
1902022/08/14Sutta Discussion Day 21 | Metta Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)00:00:00
1912022/08/14Sutta Discussion Day 21 | Metta Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:44:09
1922022/08/09Healing From Historical Trauma | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Professor Natalie Avalos00:00:00
1932022/08/06Sutta Discussion Day 20 | Metta Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:42:09
1942022/07/30Sutta Discussion Day 19 | Ratana Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:41:14
1952022/07/26Sutta Discussion Day 17 | Ratana Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:39:03
1962022/07/18Sutta Discussion Day 17 | Ratana Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:42:06
1972022/07/182022 Vassa Daily Chanting | Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta00:47:43
1982022/07/14Sutta Discussion Day 15 | Ratana Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:32:39
1992022/07/03Sutta Discussion Day 15 | Ratana Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)00:44:15
2002022/06/27Is right speech a peace-promoting form of communication? |Ven. Dr. Chandima & Dr. Benjaporn Jombunud00:00:00
2012022/06/26Sutta Discussion Day 14 | Ratana Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:24:27
2022022/06/19Sutta Discussion Day 13 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:42:04
2032022/06/19Father's Day and Buddhism | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:12:15
2042022/06/16Sutta Discussion Day 12 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:28:13
2052022/06/16Sutta Discussion Day 12 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:28:13
2062022/06/04The Healer Within Us | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:15:45
2072022/05/31Sutta Discussion Day 11 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:20:45
2082022/05/22Sutta Discussion Day 10 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:30:47
2092022/05/22Sutta Discussion Day 9 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:34:58
2102022/05/16How Buddhism Benefits Mental Health | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Khor Wei Ken01:08:31
2112022/05/15Sutta Discussion Day 9 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:34:58
2122022/05/15Bhante Dr. Chandima's Vesak Message 202200:01:37
2132022/05/08Sutta Discussion Day 8 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:31:06
2142022/05/03Sutta Discussion Day 7 | Maṅgala Sutta Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:18:33
2152022/04/24Sutta Discussion Day 6 | Maṅgala Sutta Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima01:26:27
2162022/04/17Sutta Discussion Day 5 Maṅgala Sutta Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima01:00:41
2172022/04/17Sutta Discussion Day 5 | Maṅgala Sutta Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima00:00:00
2182022/04/10Sutta Discussion Day 4 Maṅgala Sutta Bhante Dr Gangodawila Chandima01:20:56
2192022/04/04Sutta Discussion Day 3 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:25:57
2202022/04/01How do you deal with Loss and Failure| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Damenada Juiboonmee01:03:23
2212022/03/26Sutta Discussion Day 2 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:32:55
2222022/03/20Sutta Discussion Day 1 | Maṅgala Sutta (Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima)01:26:32
2232022/03/06The Perfection of Equanimity (upekkhā-pāramī) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (March 6 , 2022)00:38:42
2242022/03/06උපනිස්සය (decisive support) පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-39 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:31:03
2252022/03/02Dhamma Series Feb 2022 #4 - Why Sīla? by Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:06:21
2262022/03/01Stop being a Hypocrite | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:58:41
2272022/02/27නිස්සය (support) පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-38 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:30:34
2282022/02/23Dhamma Series Feb 2022 #1 - Why Dana? by Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:04:02
2292022/02/22The 9 'Thinking Traps' | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:02:20
2302022/02/20The Perfection of Friendliness (mettā-pāramī)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (February 20 , 2022)00:45:34
2312022/02/20අඤ්ඤමඤ්ඤ (mutuality) පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-37 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:40:21
2322022/02/15Distraction වළක්වා ගත හැකි ක්‍රම 5ක් (විතක්කසණ්ඨාන සූත්‍රය, ම.නි 20) | Bhante Dr. Chandima00:39:09
2332022/02/12සහජාත (conascence) පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-36 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:36:18
2342022/02/08Disconnecting or Compartmentalizing | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:59:22
2352022/02/07The Perfection of Resolution (adhiṭṭhāna-pāramī)|Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (February 6 , 2022)00:39:40
2362022/02/05අනන්තර (proximity) පච්චය සහ සමනන්තර (contiguity) පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-35 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:42:59
2372022/02/05Translations of Buddhist Texts: Challenges and Opportunities | Dr. Chandima & Prof. Udaya Meddegama01:27:42
2382022/02/01Chinese New Year Wish 2022 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:00:25
2392022/02/01Energy Vampires : Fixing Life's Emotional Drain | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:01:26
2402022/01/29අධිපති පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-34 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:41:58
2412022/01/29Socially Engaged Buddhism in Contemporary South Korea | Bhante Dr. Chandima & Dr. Hyekyung Jee01:02:21
2422022/01/25How to Be Less Hard on Yourself | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:02:51
2432022/01/24The Perfection of Truthfulness (sacca-pāramī) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (January 23, 2022)00:37:57
2442022/01/22ආරම්මණ පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-33 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:29:06
2452022/01/18Which would you vouch for: Equality or Equity | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:59:14
2462022/01/15පට්ඨාන හැඳින්වීම සහ හේතු පච්චය Abhidhamma EP-32 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:24:21
2472022/01/11Do We Care | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:01:02
2482022/01/09The Perfection of Patience (khanti)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (January 09, 2022)00:35:25
2492022/01/08විසි වැදෑරුම් ආකාර සහ මූල ද්වය විශ්ලේෂණ Abhidhamma EP-31 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:48:05
2502022/01/07Singing in Gratitude | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Shu Ta Naa01:06:25
2512022/01/04Benefit of the Doubt | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:00:52
2522022/01/02නව වසර, කාලය, ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරන ආශීර්වාද සහ නිර්මාණය කර ගත යුතු ආශීර්වාදයන් | Bhante Dr. Chandima00:25:24
2532022/01/01සන්ධි 3 සහ වට්ට 3 (කිලේස, කම්ම සහ විපාක) විශ්ලේෂණ Abhidhamma EP-30 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:19:39
2542021/12/28The Power of Vulnerability | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:02:00
2552021/12/25කාල (තයෝ අද්ධා) සහ චතුර්විධ සංක්ෂේප (චතු සංඛේප) විශ්ලේෂණ Abhidhamma EP-29 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:26:21
2562021/12/21Confirmation Bias | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:58:25
2572021/12/19අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | ජරා-මරණ (දොළොස්වෙනි නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-28 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:05:50
2582021/12/17Exploring Buddhist & Contemporary Practices of Mindfulness | Bhante Dr.Chandima & Dr. Belinda Khong01:17:58
2592021/12/14Turning Fear Into Motivation| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (December 13, 2021)01:01:48
2602021/12/12The Perfection of Energy (viriya)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (December 12, 2021)00:28:23
2612021/12/11අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | ජාති (එකළොස්වෙනි නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-27 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:31:28
2622021/12/07Guilty Pleasure and Instant Dharma Hit | A Buddhist Perspective01:00:04
2632021/12/04අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | භවය (දසවැනි නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-26 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:27:38
2642021/11/30Rationalization, Skillful (kusala) and Unskillful (akusala) deeds | A Buddhist Perspective00:57:15
2652021/11/29The Perfection of Renunciation (nekkhamma)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (November 14, 2021)00:30:36
2662021/11/29The Perfection of Wisdom (paññā)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (November 28, 2021)00:27:59
2672021/11/28අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | උපාදාන (නවවැනි නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-25 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:24:40
2682021/11/23How to Stop Dwelling | A Buddhist Perspective01:00:25
2692021/11/20අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | තණ්හා (අටවන නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-24 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:23:27
2702021/11/1627 Intoxications (mada) and Hubristic Pride | A Buddhist Perspective00:59:03
2712021/11/13අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | වෙදනා (සත්වන නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-23 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:26:15
2722021/11/09Non-religiousness in Twenty-First Century Japan | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Dr. Kieko Obuse01:29:55
2732021/11/09Active Listening | A Buddhist Perspective00:58:28
2742021/11/05Ancient Vinaya and Lived Practice | A Theravada Buddhist Monk's Perspective @MRU (November 04, 2021)01:03:48
2752021/11/02The Blessing of Loneliness | A Buddhist Perspective01:00:06
2762021/11/01අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | ඵස්ස (හයවන නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-22 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:27:39
2772021/10/29The Essence of the Doctrine : The Law of Causation | Datin Fern Loo and Shallyn Chan00:01:43
2782021/10/26Bragging, Excessive Pride and Fixing the Insecurity of Oversharing | A Buddhist Perspective01:02:38
2792021/10/23අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | සළායතන (පස්වන නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-21 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:23:14
2802021/10/22Transform your Fear into Courage| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Yogita Karache00:38:17
2812021/10/19Frustration Tolerance | A Buddhist Perspective01:02:43
2822021/10/16අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | නාමරූප (හතරවන නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-20 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:14:55
2832021/10/12Hoarding and Decluttering | A Buddhist Perspective01:00:16
2842021/10/09අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | විඤ්ඤාණය (තුන්වන නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-19 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:35:33
2852021/10/05Revenge Fantasies and Self-Respect | A Buddhist Perspective01:04:36
2862021/10/04සර්වඥයන්වහන්සේ ආශීර්වාද කරන ලද ආකාරයන් සහ සෑබෑ ආශීර්වාදයන් ලැබිය හැකි ක්‍රමය | Bhante Dr. G.Chandima00:20:59
2872021/10/04Bodhisattva and Threefold Dāna Practice | Bhante Dr. Chandima (October 03, 2021)00:30:31
2882021/10/02අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | සංඛාර (දෙවන නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-18 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:45:23
2892021/09/28අභිධර්මාගත පටිච්චසමුප්පාදය | අවිජ්ජා (පළමු නිදානය) Abhidhamma EP-17 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:39:36
2902021/09/28Being Extremely Sensitive to Criticism and Failure01:05:32
2912021/09/21Eating Habits, Craveables and Modern Self-Mortification | A Buddhist Perspective01:06:06
2922021/09/18රූප සහ රූපකලාප පටිසන්ධි සහ පවත්ති වශයෙන් නිර්මාණය වන ආකාරය Abhidhamma EP-16 | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:32:30
2932021/09/18The Common Message of all the Buddhas | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (In Sinhala)01:32:44
2942021/09/17Asian Buddhist Diasporas & New Religious Movements in Canada | Ven. Dr. Chandima & Dr. Jacqueline Ho01:22:08
2952021/09/14Bully Kindness | A Buddhist Perspective01:03:16
2962021/09/11රූපකලාප 21 Abhidhamma EP-15 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:27:49
2972021/09/07Unspinning Addiction | A Buddhist Perspective01:03:42
2982021/09/04රූප සමුට්ඨාන 4 Abhidhamma EP-14 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:40:09
2992021/09/03ඒකවිධ සහ බහුවිධ රූප විභාගය Abhidhamma EP-13 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:31:17
3002021/09/01Demystifying Ghosts in Theravada Buddhism | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Professor Karuna Jadhav01:09:15
3012021/08/31Aging and Death (jarāmaraṇa) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:01:42
3022021/08/24Birth (jāti) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:58:05
3032021/08/21රූප හැඳින්වීම (දෙවන කොටස) Abhidhamma EP-12 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:37:07
3042021/08/21Karma Cruise: Volition (cetanā) & Intention (saṅkappa)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (In Sinhala)01:48:44
3052021/08/20Is Right Intention (sammā saṅkappa) a stand-alone practice? | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:18:58
3062021/08/18රූප හැඳින්වීම (පළමු කොටස) Abhidhamma EP-11 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:13:23
3072021/08/17Existence (bhava) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:02:43
3082021/08/10Clinging (upādāna) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:05:33
3092021/08/07අහේතුක චිත්තවලට චෛතසික බලපාන ආකාරය Abhidhamma EP-10 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:21:15
3102021/08/03Philosophy as Medicine: The Buddha and Socrates | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Professor Michael Griffin01:25:45
3112021/08/03Craving (taṇhā) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:04:39
3122021/08/02කුසල චෛතසික 25 Abhidhamma EP-09 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:52:27
3132021/07/27Feeling (vedanā) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:07:05
3142021/07/26Kusala (wholesome) and Akusala (unwholesome) : Multiple Sutta Review (In Sinhala)01:31:38
3152021/07/25අකුසල චෛතසික 14 Abhidhamma EP-08 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:56:55
3162021/07/20Contact (phassa) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:02:43
3172021/07/17සබ්බචිත්තසාධාරණ (7) සහ පකිණ්ණක චෛතසික (6) Abhidhamma EP-07 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:44:54
3182021/07/16Pre Medin Poya Dhamma Desana - 202101:30:51
3192021/07/13Six Sense Bases (saḷāyatana) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:05:57
3202021/07/11පටිසන්ධි සිත් 19 Abhidhamma EP-06 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:50:51
3212021/07/11චිත්තවීථි 24 Abhidhamma EP-04 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:29:40
3222021/07/11කාමසෝභන සිත් 24 Abhidhamma EP-05 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:38:35
3232021/07/09The working of karma : A Buddhist Perspective | Bhante Dr. Chandima & Prof. Peter Harvey00:56:08
3242021/07/07අහේතුක සිත් 18 Abhidhamma EP-03 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:24:41
3252021/07/06Name-and-Form (nāmarūpa) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:05:56
3262021/07/05අකුසල් සිත් 12 Abhidhamma EP-02 | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:21:16
3272021/07/05අභිධර්මය පිළිබඳ සංක්ෂිප්ත හැඳින්වීම Abhidhamma EP-01| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:33:23
3282021/07/02Dealing with Conversational Narcissists (අන්‍යයන්ට ඇහුම්කම් නොදීම)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:14:04
3292021/06/29Consciousness (viññāṇa) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:01:32
3302021/06/27The Formation of Kusala and Akusala Thoughts | කුසල සහ අකුසල චිත්ත හැදෙන ආකාරය වෙන්ව හඳුනාගැනීම00:56:37
3312021/06/26හදය වත්ථුව අවසන් වන්නේ හදවතේ ස්ඵන්දනය නැවතීමෙන්ද, හදවත මරණයට පත්වීමෙන්ද? | Bhante Dr. G. Chandima01:14:36
3322021/06/22Volitional Formations (saṅkhārā)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:01:36
3332021/06/15Ignorance (avijjā)| Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:58:45
3342021/06/08Spiritual Poetry: Thriving in Isolation and Abstraction | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Suchetana Dey01:05:42
3352021/06/08Right Concentration (sammā-samādhi) | Dhamma Q&A session (Day 13)00:57:51
3362021/06/01Right Mindfulness (sammā-sati) | Dhamma Q&A session (Day 12) | May 31, 202101:02:56
3372021/05/31Epistemology- A Buddhist Perspective | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Professor P.D Premasiri01:28:34
3382021/05/26How do you celebrate Vesak Day? | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:11:30
3392021/05/24Is Self-Love selfish: Self-Acceptance Myth Busters | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Sotheary Yim01:09:38
3402021/05/22The Noble Eightfold Path: Multiple Sutta Review (In Sinhala)01:22:57
3412021/05/18Applying the Four Noble Truths for Emotional Mastery | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Yogita Karache00:53:44
3422021/05/18Right Effort (sammā-vāyāma) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 11 | May 17, 202100:59:47
3432021/05/16Mindfulness Activities for the Elementary Classroom | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Jennifer D'Orazio00:52:04
3442021/05/12Yasodhara: a Modern Retelling of Siddhartha's wife | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Prof.Vanessa R. Sasson00:57:43
3452021/04/27Right Livelihood (sammā-ājīva) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 10 | April 26, 202100:58:46
3462021/04/25Coping with Grief and Loss | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Aruni Marapane00:58:26
3472021/04/25Why Physiotherapy is More Than Just Pain Management | Bhante Dr.Chandima and Stephenie Yap00:50:19
3482021/04/20Right Action (sammā-kammanta) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 09 | April 19, 202100:56:44
3492021/04/13Right Speech (sammā-vācā) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 08 | April 12, 202101:00:26
3502021/04/06Right Intention (sammā-sankappo) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 07 | April 05, 202100:57:51
3512021/03/30Right View (sammā-diṭṭhi) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 06 | March 29, 202100:59:06
3522021/03/30ප්‍රීතිමත් ජීවිතයක් සඳහා අවශ්‍ය කුසල් පුරුදු 15 | කරණීය මෙත්ත සූත්‍රය01:04:57
3532021/03/27සොර සිත, සොරකම සහ විරමණය | ප්‍රශ්නෝත්තර ධර්ම සාකච්ඡාව (March 27, 2021)01:23:38
3542021/03/26Buddhism on the Go: How Smartphone Apps are Changing Spirituality | Bhante Dr. Chandima and May Lye00:48:29
3552021/03/23Fifth Precept (Not intoxicating) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 05 | March 22, 202100:59:44
3562021/03/227 Healthy Habits to Stop Overthinking | All Ceylon Buddhist Congress, Sri Lanka (March 20, 2021)01:30:50
3572021/03/21Can Yoga really detox your body? | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Joanne Ng01:02:09
3582021/03/16Fourth Precept (Not lying) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 04 | March 15, 202100:59:29
3592021/03/09Third Precept (Not misbehaving) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 03 | March 08, 202100:59:23
3602021/03/02The Spiritual Consciousness of Massage & Bodywork | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima & April Cumpton00:51:00
3612021/03/02Second Precept (Not stealing) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 02 | March 01, 202101:02:43
3622021/03/0115 Skillful Habits Explained | Metta Sutta00:18:13
3632021/02/284 Different Types of Leadership and The Buddha (February 27, 2021)00:11:08
3642021/02/27ප්‍රාණඝාතය සහ විරමණය | ප්‍රශ්නෝත්තර ධර්ම සාකච්ඡාව (February 27, 2021)01:20:53
3652021/02/25Interpersonal Relationships: Conflicts | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Patricia Kincaid00:39:13
3662021/02/25Overcoming Student Stress | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Hiumi Kumarasinghe00:50:53
3672021/02/23First Precept (Not killing) | Dhamma Q&A session Day 01 | February 22, 202101:03:25
3682021/02/22How To Deal With Your Asian Immigrant Parents | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Calvin Huang00:51:55
3692021/02/19Cultural Competency in Cancer Care |A Buddhist Perspective |Bhante Dr. Chandima and Saranee Fernando00:59:02
3702021/02/17Banking to Buddhism | A Thai Buddhist Perspective | Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Sermsook Patmastana01:05:58
3712021/02/16Cultivating Awareness and Caring | Hatthakālavaka Saṅgahavatthu Sutta (AN 8.24)01:06:40
3722021/02/14Paṭisota--on Banking to Buddhism: A Thai Buddhist Perspective Cr. Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima.01:02:58
3732021/02/13Banking to Buddhism | A Thai Buddhist Perspective | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Sermsook Patmastana01:05:58
3742021/02/09What is Resilience & Why is It Important to Bounce Back? | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Francesca Murray00:51:09
3752021/02/09Nonjudgmental Judging | A Buddhist Perspective01:07:47
3762021/02/02The Benefits of Noble Silence and Solitude | Kolita Sutta (SN 21.1)01:02:46
3772021/01/31Practicing in the Face of Cancer | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Ruwani Navaratne00:48:37
3782021/01/30අධිචින්තනය (overthinking) වළක්වා ගැනීමට ක්‍රම 7ක් | නීවරණ සුත්‍රය, අංගුත්තර නිකාය 9.6401:01:15
3792021/01/26Overcome Insecurity (sārajjaṃ) and Regain your Self-Esteem (vesārajjaṃ) | Sārajja Sutta (AN 5.101)01:04:57
3802021/01/25Science and Spirituality: two sides of a coin | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Estrella V-Guadarrama00:52:04
3812021/01/23Self-Awareness and Empathy | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Madhushani Ramaraju00:40:44
3822021/01/19Buddhism and Money | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and Prof. Chandima Wijebandara00:55:26
3832021/01/19Stop Overthinking: Reframe your Thoughts with Healthy Habits01:05:15
3842021/01/17Self-Healing through Vipassanā Meditation | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima and David Lu00:41:47
3852021/01/17How to Dissolve the Pain Body: Conditioning to Awakening | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Nadika Viswakula01:12:38
3862021/01/14Deconstructing the Self with Mindfulness Meditation| Bhante Dr. Chandima and Sarah Quaile00:31:11
3872021/01/13Building A Better Buddhist Practice​: Thai Buddhism | Bhante Dr. Chandima and Menada Juiboonmee (MA)00:48:04
3882021/01/12Ottawa High School Student Jenna Kincaid interviews Bhante Dr. Chandima00:53:49
3892021/01/12Skillful Creativity | Overcoming stagnation (ṭhiti) in wholesome qualities01:03:31
3902021/01/09The Four Applications of Mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhāna) | Slow/Quick Cravers vs. Slow/Quick Theroizers01:31:29
3912021/01/05Mistake (accaya), Confession (accaya desanā) and the Wisdom of Forgiveness (khamā)01:05:06
3922021/01/02Funeral Service for Mrs. Madduma Hewage Malhami | Grandma of Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:08:31
3932020/12/29Why Aspirations Are Better than Resolutions: Aspirants vs. Losers | A Buddhist Perspective01:05:21
3942020/12/26ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 33 | අමනාපය (ආඝාත) ඇති වන ක්‍රම 10 සහ එය නැති කර ගැනීමේ ක්‍රම 1001:14:04
3952020/12/22Deal and Heal Your Resentment (āghāta) : A Buddhist Perspective (Āghatavatthu Sutta AN 10.79)01:05:30
3962020/12/20Becoming Animal (tiracchāna): Karma and the Animal Realm (tiracchānayoni) in Theravada Buddhism01:58:25
3972020/12/18Physical & Mental Sanitation (New Normal after Pandemic) | Guest | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:26:54
3982020/12/15Ten desirable things that are hard to get | Iṭṭhadhamma Sutta (AN 10.73)01:03:45
3992020/12/12සංස්කාර (formations) සහ අභිසංස්කාර (choices) අතර ඇති වෙනස01:18:09
4002020/12/08Sleep Positions in Buddhism | Ghost (peta), Pleasure Seeker (kāmabhogi), Lion (sīha), & the Buddha00:57:59
4012020/12/04Kathina Robe Offering 2020 | Sponsored by Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima's Family in Sri Lanka01:19:54
4022020/12/01Redefining the Four Critical Activities for the foundation of Mindfulness (satipaṭṭhānā)01:03:59
4032020/11/28ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 32 | සෑම පුද්ගලයෙකු විසින්ම කළ යුතු යුතුකම් (පත්තකම්ම) සතර01:01:19
4042020/11/24Understanding foolish people (bāla) differently | Bāla Vagga (AN 3.1-10)00:59:02
4052020/11/17Difference between Saṅkhāra (formations) and Abhisaṅkhāra (karmic formations)01:00:50
4062020/11/10How can a loving couple meet and stay together in this life and the next? | Buddhist Perspective01:00:05
4072020/11/05ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය සූත්‍ර සාකච්ඡාව පිළිබඳ සහභාගී වූ පින්වතුන්ගේ අදහස් (ඔක්තෝම්බර් 31, 2020)00:07:08
4082020/11/03Only a Fool (bālo) repeats the same mistakes in Saṃsāra | Bālapaṇḍita Sutta (SN 12.19)00:58:56
4092020/11/01කඨිනානිසංස ධර්ම දේශනාව 2020 | ඔටවා ථෙරවාද බෞද්ධ විහාරය, කැනඩාව01:11:07
4102020/10/31සම්මා දිට්ඨිය ඇති කර ගැති හැකි ක්‍රම 16 | සම්මා දිට්ඨි සූත්‍රය (MN 9)01:05:21
4112020/10/30ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 30 | තණ්හාමූලික ආහාර වර්ග සතර01:21:49
4122020/10/27Four Nutriments (cattāro āhārā) in the context of Dependent Origination (paṭiccasamuppāda)00:58:12
4132020/10/23ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 29 | සෝවාන්වීමට අවශ්‍ය කාරණා මොනවාද?01:10:00
4142020/10/20Four prerequisites for becoming a Sotāpanna (stream-winner) | Sotāpattiyaṅga Sutta (SN 55.5)01:00:19
4152020/10/16ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 28 | ඇපකාරයෙකු නැති කාරණා සතර01:23:25
4162020/10/134 Things You Thought Were Guaranteed, But Aren’t | Pāṭibhoga Sutta (AN 4.182)01:04:01
4172020/10/11"puñña" (merit) and "kusala" (skillful activity) with their relation to Kathina Offering00:14:23
4182020/10/09ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 27 | ආර්ය ධර්මයේ පිළිපැදීම් සතර01:28:40
4192020/10/06Four ways of practice: painful with slow or swift insight and pleasant with slow or swift insight01:00:59
4202020/10/02ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 26 | බුදුරජාණන්වහන්සේ විසින් කවරෙකුට මරණය (ආධ්‍යාත්මික) ලබාදෙයිද?01:14:51
4212020/09/29What is spiritual death (vadha) in the noble training, according to the Kesi Sutta (AN 4.111)?00:56:01
4222020/09/25ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 25 | කේන්තියේ ප්‍රමාණය සහ පවතින වේලාව අනුව ඔබ කුමන සර්පයෙක්ද?01:17:31
4232020/09/2316 steps of Breathing Meditation |Ānāpānasati Sutta By Ven. Chandima Video Credits: Patisota Channel01:05:31
4242020/09/22Four angry people similar to poisonous snakes (āsīvisā), according to the Āsīvisa Sutta (AN 4.110)01:00:22
4252020/09/18ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 24 | ගැඹුරු පෙනුමක් සහ නොගැඹුරු පෙනුමක් ඇති පුද්ගලයන් සතර දෙනා කවරහුද?01:05:56
4262020/09/17The 24 Conditioning Forces (paccayasatti dhammā)01:02:08
4272020/09/15Four people similar to lakes01:01:25
4282020/09/11ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 23 | කථාව තිබේ-වැඩ නැත, වැඩ ඇත-කථාව නැත, කථාවත් වැඩත් නැත, කථාවත් වැඩත් ඇත01:05:30
4292020/09/10Cognitive Process (cittavīthi)| Five-door (pañcadvāravīthi) and Mind-door (manodvāravīthi)01:04:35
4302020/09/08Four people similar to clouds, according to the Paṭhamavalāhaka Sutta (AN 4.101)00:58:23
4312020/09/04ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 22 | ධර්මයේ සැබෑ අරමුණ නොදැන අඩු වශයෙන් හෝ වැඩි වශයෙන් ධර්මය හැදෑරීම01:22:00
4322020/09/0328 Material Phenomena (rūpa) and 21 Grouping of Material Phenomena (rūpakalāpa)01:01:33
4332020/09/01Four Kinds of Persons with Lesser Learning (appassuto) and Greater Learning (bahussuto)00:59:12
4342020/08/28ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 21 | ධර්මවිනයෙන් චුත වීමට බලපාන හේතු සතර01:12:15
4352020/08/27Beautiful Mental Factors -25 (Sobhana Cetasikā)01:04:26
4362020/08/25What are the four things that make you fall from the Dhamma and Vinaya (dhammavinayā papatito)?00:57:25
4372020/08/21ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 20 | පංච නීවරණ සහ සත්තබොජ්ඣංගයන් ආහාරයෙන් තොරව නොපවතී. එම ආහාර මොනවාද?01:08:40
4382020/08/20Unwholesome Mental Factors-14 (Akusala Cetasikā)01:07:00
4392020/08/18What are the Nutriments (āhāra) to Five Hindrances and Seven Awakening Factors?00:58:01
4402020/08/14ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 19 | මෙම ආත්මභාවය තමා විසින් හෝ අනුන් විසින් කරන ලද්දක්ද?01:17:50
4412020/08/11Mental Factors | Ethically Variable Mental Factors (Cetasikas | 13 Añña Samāṇa Cetasikas )00:46:51
4422020/08/11Who created this puppet (bimbaṃ)? | Selā Sutta (SN 5.9)00:59:29
4432020/08/07ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 18 | අවිජ්ජාවෙන් මිච්ඡා දිට්ඨියත්, විද්‍යාවෙන් සම්මා දිට්ඨියත්01:19:21
4442020/08/06Beautiful Consciousness-24 (Kāmā Sobhaṇa Cittāni)01:04:36
4452020/08/04Ignoble Eightfold Path vs. Noble Eightfold Path01:02:02
4462020/08/01සබ්බාසව සූත්‍රය EP (03) ආශ්‍රව නිවාරක පස්වන, හයවන සහ හත්වන ක්‍රම01:19:14
4472020/07/31ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 17 | ඔබට මනුෂ්‍යලෝකයේ උපත ලැබීම මනාව නොතේරෙන්නේ ඇයි?01:16:35
4482020/07/30Rootless Consciousness-18 (Kāmāvacara Ahetuka Cittāni)01:11:13
4492020/07/28How does the value of human birth cultivate the mind and equality of others?00:56:55
4502020/07/27Prayer, Grief, Forgiveness and the Role of Women to demolish Prejudices in Theravada Buddhism00:28:06
4512020/07/24ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 16 | සියළු සංස්කාරයන් පිළිබඳ කලකිරිය යුතු වන්නේ ඇයි?01:04:36
4522020/07/23Unwholesome Consciousness-12 (Kāmāvacara Akusala Cittāni)01:10:35
4532020/07/21Saṃsāra has no known beginning; it is hindered by ignorance (avijjā) and fettered by craving (taṇhā)00:54:16
4542020/07/17ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 15 | ධාතු (අදහස්) වශයෙන් හීන සහ කළ්‍යාණ පුද්ගලයන් එකතු වන හැටි01:14:20
4552020/07/16What is Abhidhamma? A Brief Overview01:07:44
4562020/07/14For better (kalyāṇā) or worse (hīnā), your attitude (dhātu) affects your performance00:53:17
4572020/07/10ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 14 | පටිච්චසමුප්පාදයෙන් විස්තර කරන්නේ දුකද? දුක් ගොඩද?01:23:46
4582020/07/09Life Interview with Prof. Tilak Kariyawasam ( 2020 Paṭisota Bhante Dr. Chandima Live full interview)01:36:59
4592020/07/07What does Paṭiccasamuppāda (dependent arising) discuss? Dukkha or the Dukkhakkhandha00:59:02
4602020/07/04සබ්බාසව සූත්‍රය EP (02) ආශ්‍රව නිවාරක තුන්වන සහ හතරවන ක්‍රම (නුවණින් විමසීම සහ ඉවසීම)01:08:08
4612020/07/03ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 13 | භාවනාමය ප්‍රඥාව මගින් සය වැදෑරුම් ඉන්ද්‍රීයයන් දෙස බලන ආකාරය01:15:20
4622020/07/02සියලු ශක්තීන් නිර්මාණය වූ ජීවිතයක් ඇති කර ගැනීමට තිබෙන බාධා සහ මග01:30:05
4632020/06/30How to practice Insight (vipassanā) in 5 minutes, according to the Cakkhu Sutta? (SN 18.1)00:59:29
4642020/06/26ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 12 | ලාභ සත්කාර, ස්තුති ප්‍රශංසා ආර්ය මාර්ගයට කරන හානිය01:12:25
4652020/06/25Episode 06 | What is it that prevents people from living to their full potential?01:40:03
4662020/06/23Obstructing spiritual progress are threefold: Material Possessions, Honor and Popularity00:55:12
4672020/06/19ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 11 | ලෝකයට අහිත පිණිස, දුක් පිණිස සහ අපහසු පිණිස පවතින කාරණා 301:23:50
4682020/06/18Episode 05 | What is wisdom and how do we gain it?01:29:23
4692020/06/16What are the three ways for eliminating personal suffering, according to the Loka Sutta? (SN 3.23)01:00:21
4702020/06/12ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 10 | මානය, මානයේ අරමුණු සහ මාන ධර්ම බැහැර කිරීම01:20:45
4712020/06/11Episode 04 | What do we get wrong about Nirvana?01:32:18
4722020/06/09All sentient beings die. Death is their end (maraṇapariyosānā); they are not exempt from death01:02:30
4732020/06/05යෝනිසෝ මනසිකාරය සෝවාන් මාර්ගයට මග සලසන ආකාරය (සබ්බාසව සූත්‍රයේ ආශ්‍රව නිවාරක පළමු/දෙවන ක්‍රම)01:49:28
4742020/06/05ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 09 | අඳුරෙන් අඳුරට? අඳුරෙන් එළියට? එළියෙන් අඳුරට? එළියෙන් එළියට?01:05:26
4752020/06/04Episode 03 | Do Buddhists believe in god (or gods)?01:01:51
4762020/06/02Four Kinds of People ( the dark bound and light bound)00:52:30
4772020/06/01"You are not alone" Sharing Session | Bhante. Dr. Chandima and Kwang Mong01:35:14
4782020/05/29ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 08 | උපයන ධනය දහමට අනුව අනින්දිතව පරිභෝග කරන්නේ කෙසේද?00:36:26
4792020/05/28Sati (Mindfulness) and Sampajañña (Full Awareness)00:09:04
4802020/05/28Episode 02 | How does karma really work?01:05:58
4812020/05/26How to properly enjoy and share the wealth? (Paṭhamaaputtaka Sutta SN 3. 19)00:57:30
4822020/05/24How to Cultivate Metta (Loving-kindness) to Enemies?00:05:41
4832020/05/21ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 07 | ආර්‍ය මාර්ගය මනාව දියුණු කර ගැනීමට කල්‍යාණ මිත්‍ර ආශ්‍රය කොපමණ වැදගත්ද?01:10:00
4842020/05/21Episode 01 | How to die mindfully?01:06:32
4852020/05/19It is easier to practice the Dhamma with the association of the wise | Kalyāṇamitta Sutta 3.1800:57:51
4862020/05/14ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 06 | අප්‍රමාදය සියලු කුසලයන්ගේ කාර්යසාධකයා වන්නේ කෙසේද?| අප්පමාද සූත්‍රය01:07:02
4872020/05/12Diligence can secure benefits for this life and future lives (Appamāda Sutta 3.17)00:44:36
4882020/05/11Mother's Day & Buddhism00:09:28
4892020/05/07ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 05 | රතන සූත්‍රයේ සැබෑ තේරුම සෝවාන් මාර්ගයට මග කියා දීමද? | රතන සූත්‍රය01:11:06
4902020/05/06Transforming Pain (dukkha) into Peace, Joy, and Liberation: The Four Noble Truths00:56:22
4912020/05/05Mindful Driving: 7 Buddhist Tips to remain calm and fully present on the road00:38:25
4922020/05/045 Buddhist Tips to practice Mindful Eating and End Mindless Food Cravings00:57:42
4932020/05/0430 Minute Guided Breath Meditation for Reducing Anxiety and Stress00:20:39
4942020/05/02Vesak Eight Precepts Retreat for Adults 202003:14:21
4952020/05/02අනුසය ධර්ම 7 සහ ප්‍රහාණය (දීඝ නිකායේ සංගීති සූත්‍රය අනුසාරයෙන්)01:13:26
4962020/05/02ආනාපානසති භාවනා පුහුණුව සරල සිංහල බසින් සිද්ධාන්ත සහිතව00:47:38
4972020/04/30ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 04 | ආහාරයට සීමා නොමැතිබව ඇඟේ බරට සහ කෙළෙස් බරට කරන බලපෑම | දෝණපාක සූත්‍රය01:06:41
4982020/04/29How to become a responsible Buddhist Kid? | Bhante. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:05:04
4992020/04/29Guided Breathing Meditation for Kids by Bhante. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:20:37
5002020/04/28Don't be greedy for food, eat moderately, according to the Doṇapāka Sutta (SN. 3.13)00:44:47
5012020/04/26Vesak Eight Precepts Retreat for Children 202001:58:45
5022020/04/23ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 03 | ලොකුම බැඳීම යකඩ, කඹවලින් බැඳීමද? භෞතික වස්තුවලට, පවුලට, දරුවන්ට බැඳීමද?01:03:40
5032020/04/21Obsessions create strong shackles (bandhana), according to the Bandhana Sutta (SN 3.10)00:24:04
5042020/04/16ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 02 | තමා තමන්ට වැඩිපුර ආදරේ ඇයි? (මල්ලිකා සූත්‍රය)00:12:57
5052020/04/14Who is dearer than oneself (attanā piyataro), according to the Mallikā Sutta?(SN 3.8)00:45:43
5062020/04/12Becoming a Sotāpanna (stream-winner) is the real Meaning of Ratana Sutta01:06:02
5072020/04/09(ආර්ය පර්යේෂණය Episode 01) බොරු කීම, බොරු කිරීම, කාමයට සීමා නැති වීම සහ විසඳුම01:02:37
5082020/04/07Why do people intentionally lie for sensual pleasures, according to the Attakaraṇa Sutta? (SN 3.7)00:36:43
5092020/03/31Consume pleasures (kāma) without 4 Mistakes, according to the Appakā Sutta (SN 3.6)00:32:29
5102020/03/24The True Meaning of Self Protection, according to the Attarakkhita Sutta (SN 3.5)00:29:50
5112020/03/20Metta Sutta (මෙත්ත සූත්‍රය) | Chanted by Bhante. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:03:00
5122020/03/20Ratana Sutta (රතන සූත්‍රය) The Jewel Discourse | Chanted by Bhante. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:07:16
5132020/03/20Maṅgala Sutta (මහා මංගල සූත්‍රය)| Chanted by Bhante. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:04:04
5142020/03/17Who are those that love and don’t love themselves, according to the Piya Sutta? (SN 3.4)00:25:02
5152020/03/10No one can avoid Old Age (jarā) and Death (maraṇa), according to the Jarāmaraṇa Sutta (SN 3.3)00:37:12
5162020/03/09Mindfulness, Appropriation, Historic and Modern Buddhism: Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima01:01:46
5172020/03/03What three things arise inside a person that cause harm, suffering, and discomfort?00:43:21
5182020/02/25What four things should not be disparaged because they are young? Dahara Sutta (SN 3.1)00:28:05
5192020/02/18How can one escape their body (yātrā), according to the Nandivisāla Sutta? (SN 2.28)00:22:45
5202020/02/11What should you do in the peril of death (maraṇa), according to the Nanda Sutta? (SN 2 27)00:28:46
5212020/02/04What is the real world (loka), according to the Rohitassa Sutta? (SN 2.26)00:21:13
5222020/01/28Why is diligence important to secular and spiritual life, according to the Jantu Sutta? (SN 2.25)00:25:38
5232020/01/21How do you cut the bonds of rebirth, according to the Ghaṭīkāra Sutta? (SN 2.24)00:33:52
5242020/01/18Distinguishing Fake and Real Saddhā (Trust) and the Significance of Personal Verification00:22:14
5252020/01/14Generosity (dāna) in a Time of Stinginess (macchariya), according to the Serī Sutta (SN 2.3)00:24:53
5262020/01/07Seven Real Vows to become a Sakka (lord of devas), according to the Sattavatapada Sutta (SN 11.11)00:39:49
5272019/12/317 Mindful Shopping Tips from Buddha to save your money and make you happier00:26:44
5282019/12/28Managing and coping with mood swings, according to the Buddhist Teachings00:14:03
5292019/12/28මොහොතින් මොහොත වෙනස් වන ඔබේ මනෝභාවය (මූඩ් එක) යහපත්ව තබා ගැනීමට බෞද්ධ ක්‍රම 3ක්00:17:01
5302019/12/24Doing good deeds lead to a joyful and happy mind with wisdom, according to the Khema Sutta (SN 2.22)00:18:43
5312019/12/17Why wisdom & wise people matter in our lives, according to the Siva Sutta? (SN 2.21)00:25:42
5322019/12/10Anyone can be reborn in a favourable unified state (jhānic realm), according to the Tāyana Sutta00:30:41
5332019/12/10Making resolutions on Birthdays, and a short explanation about Adhiṭṭhāna00:03:44
5342019/12/03What is the source of light, the wakeful one, according to the Pajjota Sutta? (SN 1.80)00:25:48
5352019/11/26What are the provisions for a spiritual journey, according to the Pātheyya Sutta? (SN 1.79)00:16:53
5362019/11/19What should one not give, relinquish, according to the Kāma Sutta? (SN 1.78)00:22:00
5372019/11/12Decays and destructions on the Path to Nibbāna, according to the Na Jīrati Sutta (SN 1.76)00:18:17
5382019/11/07The Practice of Right Now (satipaṭṭhāna) and the consistent development of kusala thoughts01:16:14
5392019/11/06උපක්ලේශ 16 අඩු කර ගැනීමෙන් පමණක් කෙලෙස් ප්‍රහාණය සිදු වේ.01:10:35
5402019/10/29What is the best in rising up and falling down, according to the Vuṭṭhi Sutta? (SN 1.74)00:31:00
5412019/10/22What are the treasures that bring one’s happiness, according to the Vitta Sutta? (SN 1.73)00:25:55
5422019/10/15What is the only killing approved by the Noble ones, according to the Jhatvā Sutta? (SN 1.71)00:28:30
5432019/10/09විශුද්ධිය සිදු කර ගැනීම සහ සප්ත විශුද්ධි (රථවිනීත සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින් MN 24)00:33:17
5442019/10/08Is the world led by the mind, according to the Citta Sutta? (SN 1.62)00:21:52
5452019/10/01Meditation and Buddhist Monastic Life @Georgia College and State University, Georgia, USA01:09:16
5462019/10/01The Best Support and Companionship for Human Beings, according to the Vatthu Sutta (SN 1.54)00:21:42
5472019/09/24Who is your Friend, according to the Mitta Sutta? (SN 1.53)00:29:16
5482019/09/16Mini-Retreat for Children in New York City, USA01:53:11
5492019/09/15Mindful Eating (සතිමත්ව ආහාර ගැනීම) @New York Buddhist Vihara, USA01:04:16
5502019/09/15Q&A Session@ Boston Buddhist Vihara, USA01:29:31
5512019/09/15Four Aspects of Buddhist Mindfulness @ Boston Buddhist Vihara, USA02:04:53
5522019/09/10Want to Live a Calmer Life? Let the Buddha’s Mindfulness Meditation lead you there!02:32:44
5532019/09/10සමබර ජීවිතයක් ගත කිරීම01:12:23
5542019/09/03Purification in Action, Virtue, and Righteousness, according to the Jetavana Sutta (SN 1.48)00:24:20
5552019/08/27Merits build the Bridge towards Heaven, according to the Vanaropa Sutta (SN 1.47)00:23:00
5562019/08/20Analogy between the Dhamma and a Chariot that leads to Nibbāna00:23:58
5572019/08/13The Concept of Food in the Buddhist Teachings, according to the Anna Sutta (SN 1.43)00:23:30
5582019/08/12Gangodawila Chandima Thero - Sanaramara Sewana 2019-06-2200:41:06
5592019/08/10Your Questions Answered: The Five Aggregates, Noble Eightfold Path, Karma & Rebirth00:33:41
5602019/08/06The Benefits of Different Kinds of Giving (Dāna) in this Modern Age00:23:15
5612019/07/30Rescuing oneself from Eleven Types of Fires | Āditta Sutta (SN 1.41)00:27:23
5622019/07/16Cheating, Faultfinding, and Forgiving, according to the Buddha in the Ujjhānasanni Sutta (SN 1.35)00:33:38
5632019/07/09Are we attached to people or things, or are we attached to the concepts of people or things?00:36:03
5642019/07/06Dhamma Discussion (Esala Full Moon Poya Day 2019) @Ottawa Theravada Buddhist Vihara01:55:32
5652019/06/24සිරස සනරාමර සෙවණ (June 22, 2019) ආචාර්ය ගංගොඩවිල චන්දිම ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේගේ ගෞරවනීය වැඩමවීමෙන්01:59:46
5662019/06/23How to handle a difficult emotion, according to the Buddha?00:13:22
5672019/06/10Sirasa FM Sanaramara Sewana 2019-02-23 Gangodawila Chandima Thero01:11:06
5682019/05/21Sources of Light, according to the Buddha in the Pajjota Sutta (SN 26)00:34:08
5692019/05/19Dhamma Discussion (Vesak Full Moon Poya Day 2019) @Ottawa Theravada Buddhist Vihara01:53:15
5702019/05/14Taking Good Care of your Mind, according to the Buddha in the Manonivārana Sutta (SN 24)00:45:33
5712019/05/13Good and Bad Friends, according to the Buddha in the Sigalovada Sutta (DN 31)00:30:06
5722019/05/07Disentangling the tangle (craving), according to the Buddha in the Jatā Sutta (SN 23)00:42:40
5732019/04/30Maturity of Karma, according to the Buddha in the Phusati Sutta (SN 22)00:32:03
5742019/04/23Sensual Lust vs Identity View , according to the Buddha in the Satti Sutta? (SN 21)00:37:11
5752019/04/16Turning Spiritual Setbacks into Comebacks, according to the Buddha in the Niddātandi Sutta (SN 16)00:33:30
5762019/04/09Fillial Love versus Self-Love, according to the Buddha in the Nandatiputtasama Sutta (SN 13)00:30:21
5772019/04/02What is True Delight (Nanda), according to the Buddha in the Nandati Sutta (SN 12) ?00:39:10
5782019/03/26Making your Complexion so peaceful , as indicated by the Buddha in the Aranna Sutta (SN 10)00:31:22
5792019/03/19Crossing the Four Floods (caturoragha), according to the Buddha in the Oghatarana Sutta (SN 01)00:29:12
5802019/03/16Solutions and Relevance of the Tripitaka to the Modern World Issues00:10:51
5812019/03/14Higher Ordination Ceremony (Upasampadā) of Ven. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (April 30, 2004)01:10:38
5822019/03/14Welcome Ceremony for Newly Higher Ordained Ven. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima (May 02, 2004)01:34:14
5832019/02/27Types of Meditation and Specifics of Mettā Meditation00:28:02
5842019/02/27Find the real You Guided Breathing Meditation00:28:41
5852019/02/26සිරස සනරාමර සෙවණ (February 23, 2019) ආචාර්ය ගංගොඩවිල චන්දිම ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේගේ ගෞරවනීය වැඩමවීමෙන්01:08:54
5862019/01/26Interpreting the Buddhist Teachings for the West: Methodology @ IBC Thailand00:59:42
5872019/01/04Why Kusala (Skilful Activities) and Skilful Habits go in tandem?01:30:56
5882018/12/29How to be a Wise Person (Sappurisa/Pandita), according to the Buddha?01:10:51
5892018/12/27Is Everything Karma?01:24:31
5902018/12/27How to cultivate Pāramitās (perfections) in daily life?01:37:45
5912018/12/15How to cultivate the magnificence of the Mind/Body potential?01:32:04
5922018/10/17කුශලාභිවර්ධක පුරුදු දසකුසල්වලට කරන බලපෑම00:49:46
5932018/10/14Why vigilance (appamāda) is so crucial for your all other virtues?00:17:49
5942018/10/07How to work with measuring (māna)?00:26:05
5952018/10/02Guided Meditation & Open Discussion @ Loyola University, Chicago01:00:42
5962018/09/30How to work with impetuousness/vehemence (sārambha)? | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:18:22
5972018/09/23How to work with obstinacy/stubbornness (thambha)?00:18:59
5982018/09/18An Ottawa Student's Full Interview with Ven. Dr. Gangodawila Chandima about Buddhist practice00:47:33
5992018/09/16How to work with fraud (sātheyya)? | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:15:06
6002018/09/09How to deal with deceit (māyā)?00:17:44
6012018/09/02How to work with stinginess (machchariya)?00:13:50
6022018/08/26How to work with jealousy (issā)?00:20:56
6032018/08/19How to work with domineering (palāsa)? | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:12:08
6042018/08/12How to work with contempt (makkha)?00:10:56
6052018/08/06Jayamaṅgala Gāthā Chanting (Pāli) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:04:15
6062018/08/06Homage, Tisaraṇa, Pañcasīla (Pāli) | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:02:32
6072018/08/05How to work with resentment (upanāha)?00:14:34
6082018/07/29How to work with anger (kodha)?00:12:28
6092018/07/22How to deal with Ill will (vyāpāda; also spelled byāpāda) ?00:08:39
6102018/07/15How to deal with envy (abhijjhā)? | Bhante Dr. Gangodawila Chandima00:07:55
6112018/06/1814 kinds of personal offerings and 7 kinds of offerings made to the Saṅgha01:05:13
6122018/06/11Learn to analyze (vibhaṅga) the Four Noble Truths (Sacca) Saccavibhaṅga Sutta (MN 141)00:47:40
6132018/06/04Why do Arahants turn away from Elements (dhātu), and why don’t we?00:51:45
6142018/06/01කර්ම විපාක හඳුනා ගත යුත්තේ ඒකංසික ව ද? විභජ්ජ ව ද? මහාකම්මවිභංග සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින් (MN 136)00:18:10
6152018/05/28Karma is not linear, according to the Buddha in the Mahākammavibhanga Sutta (MN 136)00:46:26
6162018/05/27What lessons can you learn from the life of the Śākymuni Buddha?00:55:08
6172018/05/22ප්‍රසන්න ජීවිතයක් සඳහා කර්මය වෙනස් කරගත හැකි ක්‍රම 7 ක්00:33:10
6182018/05/217 Simple Buddhist Practices To Change Karma And Live A Better Life | Cūlakammavibhanga Sutta (MN135)00:36:38
6192018/05/14Wise People and Fools, according to the Buddha in the Bālapaṇḍita Sutta (MN 129)01:01:55
6202018/05/09සිද්ධාර්ථ බෝධිසත්ව උපතේ දී සිදු වූ අසිරිමත් සිදුවීම් | අච්ඡරියබ්භුතධම්ම සුත්‍රය (MN 123)00:28:26
6212018/05/07Wonderful Events that occurred at the time of the Buddha's Birth | Acchariya-abbhūta Sutta (MN 123)00:44:33
6222018/05/03ආනාපානසති භාවනාව මැනවින් හඳුනා ගනිමු.00:22:45
6232018/04/3016 steps of Breathing Meditation and how it leads to Liberation (Nibbāna)00:55:57
6242018/04/23ආර්ය අෂ්ඨාංගික මාර්ගය (මහාචත්තාරීසක සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින්)00:41:08
6252018/04/23The meaning of the Noble Eightfold Path as given by the Buddha in the Mahācattārīsaka Sutta (MN 117)00:52:13
6262018/04/17එදිනෙදා ජිවිතයේ දී කුසලය සහ අකුසලය තීරණය කර ගන්නේ කෙසේද? සේවිතබ්බාසේවිතබ්බ සූත්‍රය (MN 114)00:22:05
6272018/04/15How to separate kusala (skillful) and akusala (unskillful) in everyday life?00:32:33
6282018/04/11මානසික දුෂණය (ප්‍රපංචකරණය) සිදුවන්නේ කෙසේද? එයින් වැළකීම ප්‍රායෝගික ද?00:13:25
6292018/04/09Mental Proliferation (papañca) and how to cope, according to the Buddha00:34:03
6302018/04/07සක්කාය දිට්ඨිය යනු කුමක්ද? එය නැති කර ගන්නේ කෙසේද? (චූල වේදල්ල සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින්)00:17:23
6312018/04/01Choosing a Spiritual Teacher | Vīmaṃsaka Sutta (MN 47)00:43:30
6322018/03/30Blessings, and how to manifest them in your daily life? Mahāmaṅgala Sutta (Khp 5 & Sn 2.4)00:40:05
6332018/03/26ආශීර්වාද සහිත ජීවිතයක් නිර්මාණය කර ගන්නේ කෙසේද? මහාමංගල සූත්‍රය ඇසුරින් (Khp 5 & Sn 2.4)00:43:11
6342018/03/26The middle way vs the path of Identity (Ego)- What are you into?00:38:07
6352018/03/19Noble vs Ignoble. What are you searching for? Ariyapariyesana Sutta (MN 26)00:41:24
6362018/03/11Unlearning the Learned Dharma? Alagaddūpama Sutta (MN 22)00:34:36
6372018/03/05Removing Distracting Thoughts, according to the Vitakkasaṇṭhāna Sutta (MN 20)00:35:56
6382018/02/26A Step-by-Step guide to starting the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipaṭṭhānas)00:52:55
6392018/02/19ප්‍රායෝගික ජීවිතයේදී සම්මා දිට්ඨිය පහසුවෙන් ඇති කර ගත හැකි ක්‍රම | සම්මාදිට්ඨි සූත්‍රය (MN 9)00:55:46
6402018/02/12How to Remove Mental Impurity: 5 Simple Steps, according to the Buddha.00:36:26
6412018/02/05කෙලෙස් අඩුකර ගැනීම ප්‍රායෝගික ද?00:35:42
6422018/02/05Top 7 Approaches to remove defilements, according to the Buddha in the Sabbāsava Sutta (MN 2)00:17:42
6432017/07/01In discussion with young adults: karma and rebirth01:20:07
6442017/06/05Life Lessons: Learned from reading Śākyamuni Buddha01:08:37
6452016/09/23Can Bad Karma be Neutralized in Buddhism?01:01:25
6462015/06/13Ven. Gangodawila Chandima Thero at Ehipassiko Buddhist Centre01:03:01

* Dates are in UTC.