Bhikkhu Deegalle Mahinda

# Date* Title Duration (hh:mm:ss)
12019/07/08Vesak Celebration 2019 Speech Deegalle Mahinda00:26:50
22018/09/12Ven. Deegalle Mahinda Thero 2018-06-0200:50:18
32018/06/05Ven Deegalle Mahinda Thero | 2018-06-02 | 2.00PM00:52:06
42016/01/13Perspectives on Buddhist movements in Sri Lanka in the recent past00:06:38
52011/07/20Uniqueness of The Timeless Teachings Of The Buddha - Ven Dr Deegalle Mahinda LDN 15-5-201100:31:40

* Dates are in UTC.