Bhikkhu Bhante Dhammavuddho

# Date* Title Duration (hh:mm:ss)
12021/11/17Ven Dhammavuddho 27 Criticisms of Mahayana teachings00:03:19
22021/11/17Ven Dhammavuddho 26 Differences between Mahayana and Ther00:04:05
32021/11/17Ven Dhammavuddho 25 Criticisms00:03:02
42021/11/17Ven Dhammavuddho 28 Criticisms of the Mahayana00:03:07
52021/11/17Ven Dhammavuddho 29 More criticisms of the Mahayana00:02:58
62021/09/29Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia - The late Ven Dhammavuddho's Final Journey00:00:32
72021/08/06Liberation Relevance of Sutta Vinaya by Ven Dhammavuddho or Bhante Hye | Dhamma Discipline Part 3/300:16:23
82021/08/06Liberation Relevance of Sutta Vinaya by Ven Dhammavuddho or Bhante Hye | Dhamma Discipline Part 2/300:21:14
92021/08/06Liberation Relevance of Sutta Vinaya by Ven Dhammavuddho or Bhante Hye | Dhamma Discipline Part 1/300:19:31
102021/07/2929.5.1988 - Buddha Arahant Disciples by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera (Hokkien)00:57:01
112021/07/2824.5.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 50 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:56:31
122021/07/2827.11.1992 - Gradual Sayings by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:26:54
132021/07/2823.11.1988 - The Five Precepts by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:01:30
142021/07/2825.11.1988 - Arahant by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:20:58
152021/07/2816.6.1988 - Meditation by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:01:28
162021/07/2817.5.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 49 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:54:34
172021/07/2824.4.1998 & 10.5.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 47 & 48 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:56:50
182021/07/2812.4.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 45 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:55:45
192021/07/285.4.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 44 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:58:45
202021/07/2819.4.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 46 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:58:47
212021/07/2829.3.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 43 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:56:34
222021/07/2822.3.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 42 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:57:15
232021/07/2815.3.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 41 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:58:31
242021/07/288.3.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 40 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:01:17
252021/07/281.3.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 39 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:59:04
262021/07/2822.02.1998 Anguttara Nikaya 38 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:56:34
272021/07/2815.2.1998 - Anguttara Nikaya 37 by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:58:39
282021/07/09Original & Traditional Buddhism Part 2 by Bhikku Dhammavuddho01:25:55
292021/07/09Original & Traditional Buddhism Part 1 by Bhikku Dhammavuddho01:31:04
302021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.130: Be like Ven Sariputta and Ven Moggallana00:01:11
312021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.125-AN2.126: Conditions for Right View00:01:46
322021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.119: Initiative to help and Gratitude00:01:07
332021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.98 - AN2.99: About responsibilities00:01:06
342021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.63: Overcoming a quarrel00:02:20
352021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.44 and AN2.47: The righteous vs unrighteous assemblies of monks00:09:36
362021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.36: Strive right here for peaceful sense faculties and mind00:04:56
372021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.35: Who is worthy of offerings00:10:22
382021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.32 - AN2.33: A good person is grateful and thankful00:07:36
392021/07/03Anguttara Nikaya AN2.31: Samatha (Serenity) and Vipassana (Vipassana)00:12:45
402021/07/0212. Conocimiento del Dhamma y Jhānas: los Factores de Sabiduría (Bojjhaṅga). Luangpor Dhammavuddho.00:02:07
412021/06/14Characteristics of A Sotapanna (Part 1) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:42:18
422021/03/05Sutta Guide To Paths & Fruits (Part 4) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:27:57
432021/03/04Sutta Guide To Paths & Fruits (Part 3) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:05:49
442021/03/04Sutta Guide To Paths & Fruits (Part 1) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:05:42
452021/03/04Sutta Guide To Paths & Fruits (Part 2) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera01:05:42
462021/03/04Characteristics of A Sotapanna (Part 2) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:47:54
472021/03/04Qualities of A Wise Man (Part 2) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:47:54
482021/03/04Characteristics of A Sotapanna (Part 3) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:09:54
492021/03/04Qualities of A Wise Man (Part 1) by Bhante Hye Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:47:47
502020/11/30Vitakkasanthana Sutta MN20 - Venerable Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:15:00
512020/11/30Dvedhavitakka Sutta MN19 - Venerable Dhammavuddho Maha Thera00:17:33
522020/10/24在家众可以成为圣人 #3/300:03:31
532020/10/21在家众可以成为圣人 #2/300:28:31
542020/10/17在家人可以成为圣人 #1/3 (福建话开示,中英文字幕)00:30:32
552020/09/2425th December 2019 : Collection of Luangpor Dhammavuddho's remains at Kampar Chinese Crematorium00:28:04
562020/09/21Culasihanada Sutta [MN11] - Venerable Dhammavuddho00:13:17
572020/09/19In remembrance of our most respected Luangpor Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye) on 22/12/2019 at VBG00:04:55
582020/09/19Bhante Dhammavuddho Dhamma discussion on 15/04/19 at Sangha Lodge.01:06:16
592020/09/1924th December 2019 : Paying our final respect to Luangpor Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye) at Vihara Buddha00:14:23
602020/09/19Cremation day on 24th December 2019 for Luangpor Dhammavuddho.00:27:51
612020/09/14Satipatthana Sutta [MN10] - Venerable Dhammavuddho00:49:11
622020/09/07Sammaditthi Sutta [MN9] - Venerable Dhammavuddho00:55:28
632020/08/31Sallekha Sutta [MN8] - Venerable Dhammavuddho00:15:53
642020/08/24Vatthupama Sutta [MN7] - Venerable Dhammavuddho00:13:52
652020/08/17Akankheyya Sutta [MN6] - Venerable Dhammavuddho00:12:06
662020/08/11Anangana Sutta [MN5] - Venerable Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:21:35
672020/08/10Bhayabherava Sutta [MN4] - Venerable Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:32:42
682020/08/03Dhammadayada Sutta [MN3] - Venerable Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:19:24
692020/07/27Sabbasava Sutta [MN2] - Venerable Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:26:57
702020/07/24Mulapariyaya Sutta [MN1] - Venerable Dhammavuddho Mahathera (20 min)00:25:33
712020/03/22Venerable Dhammavuddho – 3 month Memorial00:01:36
722020/02/01达摩悟陀长老(Ven Dhammavuddho) 主讲:相应部 55.3 提伽经 (长寿优婆塞经)00:19:58
732019/12/29"Samsara Alam Peta dan Alam Binatang" oleh Y.M Bhante Dhammavuddho00:26:15
742019/12/26Mahayana Monk Turned Theravada Monk (Part 8) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:05:12
752019/12/25Untold story - Disappearance of Monks (Part 7) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:07:17
762019/12/25Life As A Novice Monk In America (Part-6) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:05:02
772019/12/25Ordained As A Mahayana Monk (Part 5) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:07:17
782019/12/25Monk from America (Part-4) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:06:05
792019/12/25Childhood Flashback (Part-3) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:04:36
802019/12/25Engineer Turned Buddhist Monk (Part-2) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:08:45
812019/12/24From Christian to Buddhism (Part-1) - Biography Of Ven Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)00:09:24
822019/12/23REMEMBERING TWO GREAT DHAMMA MINDS - Bhante Punnaji and Luangpor Dhammavuddho00:05:22
832019/12/02Fu, Lu, Shou in Daily Life By Bhante Dhammavuddho01:29:50
842019/12/02Bhante Dhammavuddho Meditation in Our Daily Life01:00:48
852019/12/01Vihara and Lay People By Bhante Dhammavuddho01:43:10
862019/09/05Luangpor Dhammavuddho Walking Down From VBG Cave For Dana, May 2014.00:01:05
872019/08/28Last Thought Moment & Soul (English)01:10:29
882019/06/20How To Get A Good Rebirth - Y.M. Bhikkhu Dhammavuddho Mahathera (Part 2)00:22:02
892019/06/20How To Get A Good Rebirth Audio (Part 3) - Y.M. Bhikkhu Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:22:16
902019/06/20How To Get A Good Rebirth - Y.M. Bhikkhu Dhammavuddho Mahathera (Part 1)00:22:02
912019/05/31如何得到好的诞生 (福建佛法开示)00:58:37
922019/05/28(eng) DN24 Patika Sutta : The Charlatan - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera01:14:14
932019/04/18(eng) Dhammapada : Chapter 21 - 26 - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera02:05:58
942019/04/11(eng) Dhammapada : Chapter 15 - 20 - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera01:41:28
952019/04/02(eng) Dhammapada : Chapter 10 - 14 - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera01:05:42
962019/03/28(eng) Dhammapada : Chapter 4 - 9 - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera01:01:59
972019/03/24如何得到好的诞生 (How To Get A Good Rebirth)02:05:05
982019/03/22为什么要修行 Why Bhavana Is Important01:42:09
992019/03/11(eng) Dhammapada : Chapter 1 - 3 - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera01:05:09
1002019/03/06Meditation Instruction and Q&A00:48:30
1012019/03/05(eng) Dn1 Brahmajala Sutta : What The Teaching Is Not - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera01:33:14
1022019/03/05Talk on Meditation (Part 2)00:29:01
1032019/03/05Talk on Meditation (Part 1)00:28:34
1042019/02/26(eng) SN19 Mahagovinda Sutta : A Past Life of Gotama00:47:36
1052019/02/25(eng) SN23 Payasi Sutta : Debate with a Sceptic - Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera01:25:00
1072019/01/29BUDDHA'S WORDS. CHAPTER 4 4 (PART 2), THE COMMUNITY. By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:30:31
1082019/01/29BUDDHA'S WORDS. CHAPTER 4.4 (PART 1), THE COMMUNITY. By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:42:09
1092019/01/29BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 4 .3, RIGHT AND WRONG LIVELIHOOD. By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:41:01
1102019/01/29BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 4 .1, THE FAMILY. By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:22:10
1112019/01/28BUDDHA'S WORDS.CHAPTER 4.2 (PART 2), PRESENT & FUTURE WELFARE. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:42:31
1122019/01/28BUDDHA'S WORDS. CHAPTER 4.2 (PART 1). PRESENT & FUTURE WELFARE. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:44:16
1132019/01/20BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.6 (PART 2), THE REALISATION OF TRUTH. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:41:30
1142019/01/20BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.6 (PART 1), THE REALISATION OF TRUTH. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:46:52
1152019/01/13Sutta Study lead by Luangpor Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)01:04:32
1162019/01/13The Most Precious Wealth in Human Life - Luangpor Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)01:43:57
1172019/01/13How to Get A Good Rebirth - Luangpor Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye)01:37:11
1182019/01/11How to get A Good Rebirth by Bhante Dhammavuddho Mahathera @ BGF01:58:48
1192019/01/08BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.5 (PART 2), PRESERVING THE DHAMMA, By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:52:00
1202019/01/08BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.5 (PART 1), PRESERVING THE DHAMMA, By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:54:15
1212019/01/08BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.4, THE NINEFOLD TEXTURE DHAMMA, By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:32:45
1222019/01/01BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.3, (PART 2), THE REJECTION OF VIEWS, Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:36:25
1232019/01/01BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.3 (PART 1). THE REJECTION OF VIEWS. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:41:10
1242018/12/31BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.2, (PART 2), A Direct Visible Dhamma. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:35:30
1252018/12/31BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.2 (PART 1), A Direct Visible Dhamma. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:29:15
1262018/12/29BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.1(PART 3), APPROACHING THE DHAMMA, By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:48:33
1272018/12/29BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.1 (PART 2), APPROACHING THE DHAMMA, By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:40:44
1282018/12/29BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 3.1 (PART 1), APPROACHING THE DHAMMA. By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:44:54
1292018/12/27BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 2.3, THE FIRST DISCOURSE. By Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:39:10
1322018/12/27BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 2.1.1, SEEKING THE SUPREME STATE OF SUBLIME PEACE.Ven Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:43:54
1332018/12/27BUDDDA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 1.3B, WITHOUT DISCOVERABLE BEGINNING, By Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:34:09
1342018/12/16BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 1.2, The Tribulations of Unreflective Living, By Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:41:17
1352018/12/16BUDDHA'S WORDS, CHAPTER 1.1, Old Age,Illness & Death. Sanpayang Meditation Centre (M'sia)00:24:01
1362018/12/15BUDDHA'S WORDS, Chapter 1.3A, Without Discoverable Beginning. by Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera00:30:42
1372018/09/18Stream Entry, Soul, Etc (Hokkien)01:07:47
1382018/08/20How To Cultivate The Ariyan Eightfold Path 2018 - Luangpor Dhammavuddho01:49:10
1392018/06/25How to develop the Ariyan Eightfold Path - Luangpor Dhammavuddho01:49:49
1402018/06/25Goal of Buddhist Practice Path and Fruits - Luangpor Dhammavuddho02:21:11
1412018/06/25Stream entry is possible for laypersons - Luangpor Dhammavuddho01:28:15
1422018/06/25How to develop the Seven Bojjhangha - Luangpor Dhammavuddho01:38:58
1432018/06/25Story of my life - Luangpor Dhammavuddho01:44:49
1442018/06/16Mechanics of Rebirth01:56:48
1452018/06/16Deva and Brahma Realms01:35:35
1462018/06/16Luangpor Dhammavuddho (Bhante Hye) | Story of my life01:44:50
1472018/05/24Stream Entry is Possible For Lay Persons - Bhante Dhammavuddho - 2018051301:28:27
1482018/05/24Story of My Life - Bhante Dhammavuddho - 2018051201:46:11
1502018/03/28Bhavana (Part 2/2)00:45:11
1512018/03/28Bhavana (Part 1/2)00:45:16
1522018/02/26Worldly currency vs spiritual currency (Part 7/7)00:05:31
1532018/02/26Worldly currency vs spiritual currency (Part 6/7)00:06:26
1542018/02/26Worldly currency vs spiritual currency (Part 5/7)00:11:16
1552018/02/26Worldly currency vs spiritual currency (Part 4/7)00:05:16
1562018/02/26Worldly currency vs spiritual currency (Part 3/7)00:03:26
1572018/02/26Worldly currency vs spiritual currency (Part 2/7)00:02:41
1582018/02/26Worldly currency vs spiritual currency (Part 1/7)00:01:31
1592018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 10/10)00:17:46
1602018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 9/10)00:08:21
1612018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 8/10)00:02:56
1622018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 7/10)00:01:51
1632018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 6/10)00:07:11
1642018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 5/10)00:04:16
1652018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 4/10)00:09:01
1662018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 3/10)00:07:21
1672018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 2/10)00:06:41
1682018/02/26What the Buddha taught (Part 1/10)00:04:41
1692018/02/26Vijja Carana Sampanno (Part 4/4)00:08:06
1702018/02/26Vijja Carana Sampanno (Part 2/4)00:33:56
1712018/02/26Vijja Carana Sampanno (Part 3/4)00:19:56
1722018/02/26Vijja Carana Sampanno (Part 1/4)00:01:56
1732018/02/26The search for happiness (Part 7/7)00:08:21
1742018/02/26The search for happiness (Part 5/7)00:20:11
1752018/02/26The search for happiness (Part 6/7)00:01:56
1762018/02/26The search for happiness (Part 4/7)00:08:51
1772018/02/26The search for happiness (Part 3/7)00:04:01
1782018/02/26The search for happiness (Part 2/7)00:02:41
1792018/02/26The search for happiness (Part 1/7)00:02:26
1802018/02/26Strive not pray (Part 6/6)00:01:16
1812018/02/26Strive not pray (Part 4/6)00:34:06
1822018/02/26Strive not pray (Part 5/6)00:08:36
1832018/02/26Strive not pray (Part 3/6)00:06:41
1842018/02/26Strive not pray (Part 2/6)00:01:41
1852018/02/26Strive not pray (Part 1/6)00:02:46
1862018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 23/23)00:03:01
1872018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 22/23)00:01:26
1882018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 21/23)00:01:51
1892018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 20/23)00:01:36
1902018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 19/23)00:02:06
1912018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 18/23)00:00:51
1922018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 17/23)00:01:11
1932018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 16/23)00:00:56
1942018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 15/23)00:01:41
1952018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 14/23)00:04:26
1962018/02/25Satipatthana (Part 13/23)00:14:01
1972018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 12/23)00:02:41
1982018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 11/23)00:04:01
1992018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 10/23)00:02:01
2002018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 9/23)00:02:31
2012018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 8/23)00:06:56
2022018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 7/23)00:04:01
2032018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 6/23)00:02:26
2042018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 5/23)00:01:36
2052018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 4/23)00:05:46
2062018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 3/23)00:02:51
2072018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 2/23)00:14:56
2082018/02/24Satipatthana (Part 1/23)00:03:26
2092018/02/24Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 9/9)00:00:51
2102018/02/24Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 8/9)00:14:11
2112018/02/24Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 7/9)00:01:06
2122018/02/24Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 6/9)00:16:41
2132018/02/24Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 5/9)00:03:41
2142018/02/24Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 4/9)00:02:41
2152018/02/23Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 3/9)00:02:36
2162018/02/23Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 1/9)00:30:11
2172018/02/23Stream entry is by listening to Dhamma (Part 2/9)00:04:16
2182018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 18/18)00:01:21
2192018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 17/18)00:04:01
2202018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 16/18)00:07:31
2212018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 15/18)00:05:01
2222018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 14/18)00:09:36
2232018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 13/18)00:04:56
2242018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 12/18)00:02:21
2252018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 11/18)00:04:46
2262018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 10/18)00:01:01
2272018/02/23Sati Sampajanna (Part 9/18)00:05:41
2282018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 8/18)00:10:31
2292018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 7/18)00:02:26
2302018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 6/18)00:04:26
2312018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 5/18)00:04:41
2322018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 4/18)00:05:31
2332018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 3/18)00:02:36
2342018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 2/18)00:09:26
2352018/02/22Sati Sampajanna (Part 1/18)00:05:26
2362018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 27/27)00:09:26
2372018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 26/27)00:05:51
2382018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 25/27)00:07:31
2392018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 24/27)00:07:46
2402018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 23/27)00:03:31
2412018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 22/27)00:04:31
2422018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 21/27)00:04:46
2432018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 20/27)00:02:26
2442018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 19/27)00:01:01
2452018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 18/27)00:02:06
2462018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 17/27)00:01:31
2472018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 16/27)00:05:56
2482018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 15/27)00:01:46
2492018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 14/27)00:03:21
2502018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 13/27)00:02:01
2512018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 12/27)00:04:06
2522018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 11/27)00:03:06
2532018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 10/27)00:14:16
2542018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 9/27)00:11:21
2552018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 8/27)00:04:06
2562018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 7/27)00:09:31
2572018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 6/27)00:07:46
2582018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 5/27)00:14:36
2592018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 4/27)00:06:36
2602018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 3/27)00:01:36
2612018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 2/27)00:08:56
2622018/02/22Samatha and Vipassana (Part 1/27)00:09:46
2632018/02/22Right View (Part 13/13)00:05:31
2642018/02/22Right View (Part 12/13)00:13:41
2652018/02/22Right View (Part 11/13)00:11:01
2662018/02/22Right View (Part 10/13)00:03:41
2672018/02/22Right View (Part 9/13)00:07:46
2682018/02/22Right View (Part 8/13)00:10:56
2692018/02/22Right View (Part 7/13)00:09:46
2702018/02/22Right View (Part 6/13)00:02:21
2712018/02/22Right View (Part 5/13)00:09:16
2722018/02/22Right View (Part 4/13)00:07:51
2732018/02/22Right View (Part 3/13)00:04:36
2742018/02/22Right View (Part 2/13)00:25:01
2752018/02/22Right View (Part 1/13)00:04:31
2762018/02/22Relationship between Buddhist laity and Sangha (Part 7/7)00:20:06
2772018/02/22Relationship between Buddhist laity and Sangha (Part 6/7)00:10:56
2782018/02/20Relationship between Buddhist laity and Sangha (Part 5/7)00:08:01
2792018/02/20Relationship between Buddhist laity and Sangha (Part 1/7)00:09:36
2802018/02/20Relationship between Buddhist laity and Sangha (Part 4/7)00:02:16
2812018/02/20Relationship between Buddhist laity and Sangha (Part 3/7)00:10:06
2822018/02/20Relationship between Buddhist laity and Sangha (Part 2/7)00:16:16
2832018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 27/27)00:03:36
2842018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 26/27)00:02:51
2852018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 25/27)00:01:41
2862018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 24/27)00:07:16
2872018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 23/27)00:05:51
2882018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 22/27)00:04:26
2892018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 21/27)00:03:06
2902018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 20/27)00:01:11
2912018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 19/27)00:01:06
2922018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 18/27)00:01:36
2932018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 17/27)00:02:51
2942018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 16/27)00:04:31
2952018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 15/27)00:02:46
2962018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 14/27)00:04:46
2972018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 13/27)00:05:01
2982018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 12/27)00:04:16
2992018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 11/27)00:07:41
3002018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 10/27)00:01:06
3012018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 9/27)00:02:21
3022018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 8/27)00:03:31
3032018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 7/27)00:03:01
3042018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 6/27)00:02:21
3052018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 5/27)00:04:36
3062018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 4/27)00:07:01
3072018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 3/27)00:03:01
3082018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 2/27)00:05:26
3092018/02/20Practicality of the Dhamma (Part 1/27)00:01:01
3102018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 24/24)00:10:11
3112018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 23/24)00:08:06
3122018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 22/24)00:04:41
3132018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 21/24)00:01:41
3142018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 20/24)00:04:36
3152018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 19/24)00:06:51
3162018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 18/24)00:02:31
3172018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 17/24)00:12:21
3182018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 16/24)00:01:11
3192018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 15/24)00:10:06
3202018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 14/24)00:08:01
3212018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 13/24)00:03:36
3222018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 12/24)00:01:11
3232018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 11/24)00:15:51
3242018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 10/24)00:06:51
3252018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 9/24)00:05:31
3262018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 8/24)00:02:16
3272018/02/20Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 7/24)00:01:01
3282018/02/19Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 3/24)00:30:46
3292018/02/19Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 6/24)00:04:41
3302018/02/19Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 5/24)00:02:11
3312018/02/19Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 4/24)00:05:16
3322018/02/19Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 2/24)00:08:06
3332018/02/19Original and traditional Buddhism (Part 1/24)00:11:56
3342018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 20/20)00:08:46
3352018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 19/20)00:04:26
3362018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 18/20)00:01:31
3372018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 17/20)00:03:46
3382018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 16/20)00:00:56
3392018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 15/20)00:00:11
3402018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 14/20)00:01:01
3412018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 13/20)00:00:51
3422018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 12/20)00:01:36
3432018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 11/20)00:02:16
3442018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 10/20)00:03:16
3452018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 9/20)00:02:56
3462018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 8/20)00:06:06
3472018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 7/20)00:01:26
3482018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 6/20)00:05:16
3492018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 5/20)00:05:16
3502018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 4/20)00:09:11
3512018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 3/20)00:05:31
3522018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 2/20)00:09:36
3532018/02/19Meditation on self (Part 1/20)00:00:56
3542018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 19/19)00:02:01
3552018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 18/19)00:02:16
3562018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 17/19)00:05:11
3572018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 16/19)00:02:16
3582018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 15/19)00:00:31
3592018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 14/19)00:08:21
3602018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 13/19)00:03:06
3612018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 12/19)00:10:56
3622018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 11/19)00:09:06
3632018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 10/19)00:07:21
3642018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 9/19)00:03:01
3652018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 8/19)00:07:51
3662018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 7/19)00:00:46
3672018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 6/19)00:03:51
3682018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 5/19)00:04:11
3692018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 4/19)00:06:11
3702018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 3/19)00:13:56
3712018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 2/19)00:04:51
3722018/02/19Misconceptions about Buddhism (Part 1/19)00:03:26
3732018/02/19Mangala Sutta (Part 17/17)00:02:36
3742018/02/19Mangala Sutta (Part 16/17)00:01:11
3752018/02/19Mangala Sutta (Part 15/17)00:00:51
3762018/02/19Mangala Sutta (Part 14/17)00:01:11
3772018/02/19Mangala Sutta (Part 13/17)00:02:16
3782018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 12/17)00:02:21
3792018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 11/17)00:02:26
3802018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 9/17)00:03:11
3812018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 10/17)00:05:41
3822018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 8/17)00:06:21
3832018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 7/17)00:03:41
3842018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 6/17)00:01:41
3852018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 5/17)00:02:41
3862018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 4/17)00:09:56
3872018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 3/17)00:05:06
3882018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 2/17)00:07:06
3892018/02/18Mangala Sutta (Part 1/17)00:04:26
3902018/02/18Life's spiritual lessons (Part 6/6)00:10:11
3912018/02/18Life's spiritual lessons (Part 5/6)00:09:26
3922018/02/18Life's spiritual lessons (Part 4/6)00:13:01
3932018/02/18Life's spiritual lessons (Part 3/6)00:26:01
3942018/02/18Life's spiritual lessons (Part 2/6)00:07:41
3952018/02/18Life's spiritual lessons (Part 1/6)00:02:56
3962018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 14/14)00:07:26
3972018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 13/14)00:01:21
3982018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 12/14)00:05:06
3992018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 11/14)00:06:21
4002018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 10/14)00:08:06
4012018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 9/14)00:08:56
4022018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 8/14)00:04:56
4032018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 7/14)00:07:06
4042018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 6/14)00:03:41
4052018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 5/14)00:04:51
4062018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 4/14)00:17:11
4072018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 3/14)00:07:21
4082018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 2/14)00:03:06
4092018/02/18Life story of the Buddha (Part 1/14)00:06:16
4102018/02/18Lay Buddhist practice (Part 5/5)00:12:46
4112018/02/18Lay Buddhist practice (Part 4/5)00:06:11
4122018/02/18Lay Buddhist practice (Part 3/5)00:12:26
4132018/02/18Lay Buddhist practice (Part 2/5)00:08:26
4142018/02/18Lay Buddhist practice (Part 1/5)00:13:41
4152018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 27/27)00:10:41
4162018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 26/27)00:01:46
4172018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 25/27)00:01:36
4182018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 24/27)00:02:26
4192018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 23/27)00:02:46
4202018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 22/27)00:02:11
4212018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 21/27)00:02:11
4222018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 20/27)00:01:56
4232018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 19/27)00:06:31
4242018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 18/27)00:01:26
4252018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 17/27)00:03:26
4262018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 16/27)00:05:46
4272018/02/18Kamma Vipaka (Part 15/27)00:02:56
4282018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 14/27)00:03:16
4292018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 13/27)00:01:11
4302018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 12/27)00:01:46
4312018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 11/27)00:03:31
4322018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 10/27)00:02:56
4332018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 9/27)00:06:26
4342018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 8/27)00:03:16
4352018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 7/27)00:01:51
4362018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 6/27)00:03:16
4372018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 5/27)00:02:51
4382018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 4/27)00:01:51
4392018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 3/27)00:03:41
4402018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 2/27)00:01:01
4412018/02/17Kamma Vipaka (Part 1/27)00:05:11
4422018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 23/23)00:05:56
4432018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 22/23)00:01:51
4442018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 21/23)00:01:06
4452018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 20/23)00:07:46
4462018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 19/23)00:07:21
4472018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 18/23)00:05:36
4482018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 17/23)00:07:46
4492018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 16/23)00:01:26
4502018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 15/23)00:01:11
4512018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 14/23)00:01:41
4522018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 13/23)00:01:46
4532018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 12/23)00:03:06
4542018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 11/23)00:00:41
4552018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 10/23)00:03:26
4562018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 9/23)00:02:56
4572018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 8/23)00:02:06
4582018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 7/23)00:01:46
4592018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 6/23)00:04:11
4602018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 5/23)00:06:11
4612018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 4/23)00:03:41
4622018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 3/23)00:04:41
4632018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 2/23)00:02:36
4642018/02/17Kamma and meat eating (Part 1/23)00:04:31
4652018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 10/10)00:12:06
4662018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 9/10)00:04:46
4672018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 7/10)00:04:21
4682018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 8/10)00:01:46
4692018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 6/10)00:13:51
4702018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 5/10)00:03:11
4712018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 4/10)00:02:21
4722018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 3/10)00:02:21
4732018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 2/10)00:02:56
4742018/02/17Importance of the Buddha's discourses (Part 1/10)00:09:21
4752018/02/17How to practice Buddhism (Part 11/11)00:08:31
4762018/02/17How to practice Buddhism (Part 10/11)00:01:26
4772018/02/17How to practice Buddhism (Part 9/11)00:05:06
4782018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 8/11)00:02:26
4792018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 7/11)00:03:46
4802018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 6/11)00:12:46
4812018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 5/11)00:06:56
4822018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 4/11)00:00:56
4832018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 3/11)00:03:36
4842018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 2/11)00:02:51
4852018/02/16How to practice Buddhism (Part 1/11)00:11:41
4862018/02/16How to become an Ariya (Part 5/5)00:16:36
4872018/02/16How to become an Ariya (Part 4/5)00:14:51
4882018/02/16How to become an Ariya (Part 3/5)00:19:21
4892018/02/16How to become an Ariya (Part 2/5)00:04:31
4902018/02/16How to become an Ariya (Part 1/5)00:08:06
4912018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 19/19)00:05:41
4922018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 18/19)00:11:01
4932018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 17/19)00:12:11
4942018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 16/19)00:03:11
4952018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 15/19)00:01:16
4962018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 14/19)00:01:26
4972018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 13/19)00:02:16
4982018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 12/19)00:01:36
4992018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 11/19)00:15:11
5002018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 10/19)00:02:01
5012018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 9/19)00:14:06
5022018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 8/19)00:12:56
5032018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 7/19)00:08:06
5042018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 6/19)00:03:21
5052018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 5/19)00:13:51
5062018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 4/19)00:00:56
5072018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 3/19)00:04:31
5082018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 2/19)00:02:06
5092018/02/16Four Ariyan Truths (Part 1/19)00:02:56
5102018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 42/42)00:00:56
5112018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 41/42)00:01:11
5122018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 40/42)00:10:51
5132018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 39/42)00:03:06
5142018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 38/42)00:00:31
5152018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 37/42)00:06:11
5162018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 36/42)00:04:31
5172018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 35/42)00:03:41
5182018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 34/42)00:13:51
5192018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 33/42)00:26:11
5202018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 32/42)00:08:11
5212018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 31/42)00:06:51
5222018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 30/42)00:14:36
5232018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 29/42)00:06:41
5242018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 28/42)00:02:11
5252018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 27/42)00:05:36
5262018/02/16Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 26/42)00:07:51
5272018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 25/42)00:02:06
5282018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 24/42)00:07:16
5292018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 23/42)00:02:06
5302018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 22/42)00:06:16
5312018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 21/42)00:05:26
5322018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 20/42)00:01:51
5332018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 18/42)00:04:31
5342018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 19/42)00:03:51
5352018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 16/42)00:20:21
5362018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 17/42)00:04:41
5372018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 15/42)00:03:36
5382018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 14/42)00:01:06
5392018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 13/42)00:03:26
5402018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 12/42)00:04:01
5412018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 11/42)00:08:41
5422018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 10/42)00:11:41
5432018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 9/42)00:01:11
5442018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 8/42)00:00:56
5452018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 7/42)00:08:41
5462018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 6/42)00:04:36
5472018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 5/42)00:14:41
5482018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 4/42)00:19:11
5492018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 3/42)00:06:11
5502018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 2/42)00:12:11
5512018/02/15Five Aggregates of Attachment (Part 1/42)00:01:56
5522018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 60/60)00:26:16
5532018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 59/60)00:28:41
5542018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 58/60)00:33:51
5552018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 57/60)00:28:26
5562018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 56/60)00:29:01
5572018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 55/60)00:29:16
5582018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 53/60)00:40:36
5592018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 54/60)00:36:11
5602018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 50/60)00:33:36
5612018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 52/60)00:30:36
5622018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 51/60)00:31:26
5632018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 49/60)00:36:26
5642018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 48/60)00:42:06
5652018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 47/60)00:35:36
5662018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 46/60)00:33:46
5672018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 45/60)00:27:51
5682018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 44/60)00:28:46
5692018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 43/60)00:29:56
5702018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 42/60)00:32:16
5712018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 41/60)00:30:21
5722018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 40/60)00:15:36
5732018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 39/60)00:31:21
5742018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 38/60)00:41:56
5752018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 37/60)00:34:36
5762018/02/15Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 36/60)00:42:06
5772018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 32/60)00:35:51
5782018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 33/60)00:29:31
5792018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 35/60)00:28:01
5802018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 34/60)00:30:06
5812018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 31/60)00:29:51
5822018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 28/60)00:32:11
5832018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 30/60)00:29:46
5842018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 29/60)00:30:36
5852018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 26/60)00:36:16
5862018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 27/60)00:37:16
5872018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 25/60)00:30:21
5882018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 24/60)00:35:01
5892018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 23/60)00:32:31
5902018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 22/60)00:25:51
5912018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 21/60)00:45:51
5922018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 20/60)00:32:51
5932018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 19/60)00:34:01
5942018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 18/60)00:38:16
5952018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 17/60)00:44:06
5962018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 16/60)00:32:16
5972018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 15/60)00:39:31
5982018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 14/60)00:22:16
5992018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 13/60)00:35:51
6002018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 12/60)00:36:06
6012018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 11/60)00:46:01
6022018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 10/60)00:35:46
6032018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 9/60)00:52:31
6042018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 8/60)00:17:41
6052018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 7/60)00:37:41
6062018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 6/60)00:44:36
6072018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 5/60)00:53:51
6082018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 1/60)00:18:26
6092018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 4/60)00:40:56
6102018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 3/60)00:47:21
6112018/02/14Khuddaka Nikaya (Part 2/60)00:43:06
6122018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 62/62)00:37:41
6132018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 61/62)00:37:31
6142018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 60/62)00:38:21
6152018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 59/62)00:36:51
6162018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 58/62)00:36:31
6172018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 57/62)00:23:11
6182018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 56/62)00:33:26
6192018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 55/62)00:47:01
6202018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 54/62)00:32:16
6212018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 53/62)00:26:11
6222018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 52/62)00:23:51
6232018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 51/62)00:25:31
6242018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 50/62)00:27:36
6252018/02/14Digha Nikaya (Part 49/62)00:25:46
6262018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 48/62)00:25:36
6272018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 47/62)00:32:31
6282018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 44/62)00:27:31
6292018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 46/62)00:35:56
6302018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 45/62)00:36:21
6312018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 43/62)00:28:36
6322018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 42/62)00:27:51
6332018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 41/62)00:33:01
6342018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 40/62)00:29:46
6352018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 39/62)00:31:01
6362018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 38/62)00:29:01
6372018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 37/62)00:25:21
6382018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 36/62)00:13:41
6392018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 35/62)00:33:56
6402018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 34/62)00:46:41
6412018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 33/62)00:33:36
6422018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 32/62)00:32:56
6432018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 31/62)00:36:21
6442018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 30/62)00:28:31
6452018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 29/62)00:33:51
6462018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 28/62)00:34:51
6472018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 27/62)00:28:31
6482018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 26/62)00:24:16
6492018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 25/62)00:30:51
6502018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 24/62)00:26:26
6512018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 23/62)00:27:46
6522018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 22/62)00:19:06
6532018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 21/62)00:35:41
6542018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 20/62)00:30:11
6552018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 19/62)00:40:01
6562018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 18/62)00:44:11
6572018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 17/62)00:25:31
6582018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 16/62)00:42:26
6592018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 15/62)00:41:46
6602018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 14/62)00:29:46
6612018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 13/62)00:26:51
6622018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 12/62)00:18:16
6632018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 11/62)00:28:06
6642018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 10/62)00:26:41
6652018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 9/62)00:25:41
6662018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 8/62)00:29:41
6672018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 7/62)00:26:41
6682018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 6/62)00:27:16
6692018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 5/62)00:29:26
6702018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 1/62)00:30:51
6712018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 4/62)00:34:36
6722018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 3/62)00:30:36
6732018/02/13Digha Nikaya (Part 2/62)00:30:21
6742018/02/13Majjhima Nikaya (Part 149/149)00:34:56
6752018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 148/149)00:30:01
6762018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 147/149)00:18:26
6772018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 146/149)00:31:21
6782018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 145/149)00:23:01
6792018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 144/149)00:35:11
6802018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 143/149)00:26:46
6812018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 142/149)00:28:26
6822018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 141/149)00:21:36
6832018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 140/149)00:39:11
6842018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 139/149)00:40:41
6852018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 138/149)00:26:06
6862018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 137/149)00:24:11
6872018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 136/149)00:29:56
6882018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 135/149)00:37:06
6892018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 134/149)00:25:01
6902018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 133/149)00:40:26
6912018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 132/149)00:38:41
6922018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 131/149)00:27:21
6932018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 130/149)00:28:46
6942018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 129/149)00:46:11
6952018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 128/149)00:36:16
6962018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 127/149)00:39:36
6972018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 126/149)00:30:31
6982018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 125/149)00:37:51
6992018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 123/149)00:19:06
7002018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 124/149)00:23:01
7012018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 122/149)00:25:56
7022018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 121/149)00:22:16
7032018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 120/149)00:33:11
7042018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 119/149)00:24:16
7052018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 117/149)00:23:06
7062018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 118/149)00:24:56
7072018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 116/149)00:23:31
7082018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 115/149)00:42:51
7092018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 114/149)00:40:46
7102018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 113/149)00:31:21
7112018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 112/149)00:42:46
7122018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 110/149)00:48:46
7132018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 111/149)00:10:56
7142018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 109/149)00:35:41
7152018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 108/149)00:36:01
7162018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 107/149)00:21:41
7172018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 106/149)00:26:36
7182018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 105/149)00:22:11
7192018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 104/149)00:25:26
7202018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 103/149)00:21:46
7212018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 102/149)00:22:06
7222018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 101/149)00:31:06
7232018/02/12Majjhima Nikaya (Part 100/149)00:28:51
7242018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 99/149)00:17:56
7252018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 98/149)00:29:16
7262018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 97/149)00:40:26
7272018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 95/149)00:34:51
7282018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 96/149)00:12:31
7292018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 94/149)00:22:01
7302018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 93/149)00:27:36
7312018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 92/149)00:19:01
7322018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 91/149)00:36:06
7332018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 90/149)00:21:06
7342018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 89/149)00:14:46
7352018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 88/149)00:32:56
7362018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 87/149)00:20:11
7372018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 86/149)00:34:06
7382018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 85/149)00:21:06
7392018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 84/149)00:31:11
7402018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 83/149)00:30:51
7412018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 81/149)00:22:46
7422018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 82/149)00:33:36
7432018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 80/149)00:18:31
7442018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 79/149)00:27:21
7452018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 78/149)00:45:16
7462018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 77/149)00:41:11
7472018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 76/149)00:37:06
7482018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 75/149)00:28:56
7492018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 74/149)00:37:16
7502018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 73/149)00:31:51
7512018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 71/149)00:23:16
7522018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 72/149)00:40:36
7532018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 70/149)00:33:11
7542018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 69/149)00:18:16
7552018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 68/149)00:25:36
7562018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 67/149)00:35:51
7572018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 66/149)00:19:26
7582018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 65/149)00:23:06
7592018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 64/149)00:18:56
7602018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 63/149)00:36:06
7612018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 62/149)00:30:31
7622018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 61/149)00:20:56
7632018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 60/149)00:19:51
7642018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 59/149)00:22:31
7652018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 58/149)00:28:11
7662018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 56/149)00:48:06
7672018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 57/149)00:13:31
7682018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 55/149)00:23:56
7692018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 54/149)00:22:51
7702018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 53/149)00:24:36
7712018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 52/149)00:23:36
7722018/02/11Majjhima Nikaya (Part 51/149)00:21:26
7732018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 50/149)00:27:41
7742018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 46/149)00:26:26
7752018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 49/149)00:25:01
7762018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 48/149)00:26:01
7772018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 47/149)00:26:01
7782018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 45/149)00:35:56
7792018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 44/149)00:35:36
7802018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 43/149)00:39:36
7812018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 42/149)00:32:11
7822018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 41/149)00:48:11
7832018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 40/149)00:27:11
7842018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 39/149)00:32:36
7852018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 38/149)00:43:21
7862018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 37/149)00:29:21
7872018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 36/149)00:27:01
7882018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 35/149)00:18:06
7892018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 34/149)00:27:56
7902018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 33/149)00:31:36
7912018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 32/149)00:33:41
7922018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 31/149)00:21:11
7932018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 30/149)00:21:51
7942018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 29/149)00:28:16
7952018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 28/149)00:49:11
7962018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 27/149)00:34:16
7972018/02/10Majjhima Nikaya (Part 26/149)00:26:21
7982018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 25/149)00:41:51
7992018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 24/149)00:42:41
8002018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 23/149)00:38:46
8012018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 22/149)00:22:41
8022018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 21/149)00:35:41
8032018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 20/149)00:38:46
8042018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 18/149)00:34:26
8052018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 19/149)00:50:06
8062018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 17/149)00:36:06
8072018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 16/149)00:34:06
8082018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 15/149)00:32:31
8092018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 14/149)00:25:46
8102018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 13/149)00:29:11
8112018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 12/149)00:42:21
8122018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 11/149)00:34:16
8132018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 10/149)00:29:46
8142018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 9/149)00:41:56
8152018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 7/149)00:31:56
8162018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 8/149)00:41:31
8172018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 6/149)00:34:16
8182018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 4/149)00:31:01
8192018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 5/149)00:31:36
8202018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 3/149)00:18:06
8212018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 2/149)00:34:01
8222018/02/09Majjhima Nikaya (Part 1/149)00:25:16
8232018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 121/121)00:40:01
8242018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 120/121)00:32:51
8252018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 119/121)00:20:11
8262018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 118/121)00:37:51
8272018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 117/121)00:26:01
8282018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 116/121)00:25:51
8292018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 114/121)00:24:11
8302018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 115/121)00:31:41
8312018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 113/121)00:26:01
8322018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 112/121)00:33:56
8332018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 111/121)00:33:46
8342018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 110/121)00:28:51
8352018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 109/121)00:32:16
8362018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 108/121)00:32:01
8372018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 107/121)00:34:11
8382018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 106/121)00:23:46
8392018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 105/121)00:18:06
8402018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 104/121)00:23:46
8412018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 103/121)00:27:31
8422018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 102/121)00:16:21
8432018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 101/121)00:31:31
8442018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 100/121)00:28:46
8452018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 99/121)00:35:11
8462018/02/09Samyutta Nikaya (Part 98/121)00:32:06
8472018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 97/121)00:32:21
8482018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 96/121)00:28:36
8492018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 95/121)00:22:41
8502018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 94/121)00:32:51
8512018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 93/121)00:49:56
8522018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 92/121)00:18:06
8532018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 91/121)00:29:56
8542018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 90/121)00:33:36
8552018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 89/121)00:28:21
8562018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 88/121)00:25:46
8572018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 87/121)00:30:51
8582018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 86/121)00:24:01
8592018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 85/121)00:30:46
8602018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 84/121)00:43:41
8612018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 83/121)00:30:41
8622018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 82/121)00:50:46
8632018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 81/121)00:21:21
8642018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 80/121)00:37:16
8652018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 79/121)00:27:46
8662018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 78/121)00:12:06
8672018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 77/121)00:41:16
8682018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 76/121)00:41:51
8692018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 75/121)00:38:06
8702018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 74/121)00:41:41
8712018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 73/121)00:39:36
8722018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 72/121)00:34:46
8732018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 71/121)00:33:26
8742018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 70/121)00:34:56
8752018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 69/121)00:30:16
8762018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 68/121)00:38:56
8772018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 67/121)00:30:56
8782018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 66/121)00:34:01
8792018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 65/121)00:33:26
8802018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 64/121)00:40:36
8812018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 63/121)00:31:41
8822018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 62/121)00:25:01
8832018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 61/121)00:38:31
8842018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 60/121)00:36:41
8852018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 59/121)00:34:56
8862018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 58/121)00:23:16
8872018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 57/121)00:44:36
8882018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 56/121)00:37:56
8892018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 53/121)00:31:11
8902018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 55/121)00:28:26
8912018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 54/121)00:42:31
8922018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 51/121)00:31:01
8932018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 52/121)00:42:16
8942018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 50/121)00:42:51
8952018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 49/121)00:35:51
8962018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 46/121)00:42:06
8972018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 48/121)00:26:41
8982018/02/08Samyutta Nikaya (Part 47/121)00:30:41
8992018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 45/121)00:30:11
9002018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 44/121)00:34:16
9012018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 43/121)00:28:16
9022018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 42/121)00:30:11
9032018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 41/121)00:40:01
9042018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 40/121)00:35:56
9052018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 39/121)00:38:51
9062018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 38/121)00:20:31
9072018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 37/121)00:36:56
9082018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 35/121)00:41:01
9092018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 36/121)00:39:06
9102018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 34/121)00:34:31
9112018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 33/121)00:33:01
9122018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 32/121)00:26:46
9132018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 31/121)00:31:16
9142018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 30/121)00:28:41
9152018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 29/121)00:21:16
9162018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 28/121)00:30:26
9172018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 27/121)00:25:11
9182018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 26/121)00:24:01
9192018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 25/121)00:32:00
9202018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 24/121)00:34:46
9212018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 23/121)00:38:46
9222018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 22/121)00:23:51
9232018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 21/121)00:25:06
9242018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 20/121)00:30:41
9252018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 19/121)00:36:41
9262018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 18/121)00:29:11
9272018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 17/121)00:33:01
9282018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 16/121)00:40:06
9292018/02/07Samyutta Nikaya (Part 15/121)00:35:21
9302018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 14/121)00:34:36
9312018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 13/121)00:37:46
9322018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 12/121)00:37:26
9332018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 11/121)00:31:46
9342018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 10/121)00:36:31
9352018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 9/121)00:31:56
9362018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 8/121)00:34:56
9372018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 7/121)00:37:01
9382018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 6/121)00:42:11
9392018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 5/121)00:32:21
9402018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 4/121)00:42:11
9412018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 3/121)00:30:36
9422018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 2/121)00:28:31
9432018/02/06Samyutta Nikaya (Part 1/121)00:31:16
9442018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 97/97)00:14:21
9452018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 96/97)00:25:01
9462018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 95/97)00:29:51
9472018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 94/97)00:25:11
9482018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 93/97)00:33:06
9492018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 92/97)00:29:16
9502018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 91/97)00:27:16
9512018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 90/97)00:38:31
9522018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 89/97)00:35:16
9532018/02/06Anguttara Nikaya (Part 88/97)00:32:01
9542018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 87/97)00:26:06
9552018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 86/97)00:33:06
9562018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 85/97)00:26:46
9572018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 84/97)00:29:06
9582018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 83/97)00:31:06
9592018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 82/97)00:32:16
9602018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 81/97)00:33:36
9612018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 80/97)00:35:41
9622018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 79/97)00:33:26
9632018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 78/97)00:35:41
9642018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 77/97)00:37:56
9652018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 76/97)00:39:26
9662018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 75/97)00:29:51
9672018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 74/97)00:34:41
9682018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 73/97)00:33:46
9692018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 72/97)00:33:11
9702018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 71/97)00:41:51
9712018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 70/97)00:35:06
9722018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 69/97)00:37:16
9732018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 68/97)00:27:46
9742018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 67/97)00:28:26
9752018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 66/97)00:36:56
9762018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 65/97)00:33:26
9772018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 64/97)00:30:56
9782018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 63/97)00:33:31
9792018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 62/97)00:36:51
9802018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 61/97)00:38:11
9812018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 60/97)00:27:21
9822018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 58/97)00:26:16
9832018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 59/97)00:27:41
9842018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 57/97)00:32:01
9852018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 56/97)00:31:51
9862018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 55/97)00:31:51
9872018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 54/97)00:21:41
9882018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 53/97)00:26:21
9892018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 52/97)00:36:36
9902018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 51/97)00:31:01
9912018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 50/97)00:30:46
9922018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 49/97)00:34:41
9932018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 48/97)00:32:41
9942018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 47/97)00:33:36
9952018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 46/97)00:34:21
9962018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 45/97)00:37:06
9972018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 44/97)00:33:01
9982018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 43/97)00:34:01
9992018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 42/97)00:36:06
10002018/02/05Anguttara Nikaya (Part 41/97)00:33:51
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